Server Merge: Server 4 and 7

Was really hoping for s8 merge… server is practically dead. To the point I’ve rerolled servers…
Maybe next year

I was also hoping for s8
Even though I always said s7 and s8 pretty please to them
But that’s life
Now I have to wait for s8 and s9, so I can meet The Super Guild

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Their leader retired , I wouldn’t worry about them

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Schedule update!

The Server merge is currently scheduled to happen in the morning on Monday, July 1. This will prevent war matchmaking from happening on Monday, so the first war of the new season will happen on July 3. This will allow guilds to reorganize and recover from the merge.

Portal Lords will start on Tuesday, July 2, and run for the normal duration.

We’ll have more details about the merge and account consolidation next week!


So another PL in two weeks (or so) time?? Straight after the merge then straight into the new War format… Sounds a little bit of a tight schedule!!!

It’s one day after it normally would be.
The start dates are typically 3 weeks apart. This one is 3 weeks and 1 day.

Y’all are going to wish war matching was delayed a lot longer :grimacing:

I can’t wait for the merge, I am so sad :slight_smile:
Someone had fun flagging all the posts
Good merge finally some more guilds to beat.

I can’t wait for the merge either.
Last week of five accounts :slight_smile:

I have to admit…
I am glad system had a bit of a tidy up.
Getting bored with the causes now.

With so many people leaving server 9 it needs to be merged as well with 8.

Last contest i was in position 27 and 5%. That shows you how bad it is getting. Good players are leaving every week. We lost 2 top players in our guild just this month and it is difficult recruiting active participants

They monitor servers constantly. Hopefully, they’ll be a bit proactive and start slowly closing the gap now.

Does anyone want to buy…

Never mind.

I would like to see 8 and 9 merge.
I hardly ever play it anymore, but would love to help Cyd out on s8.