Server Merge: Servers 1 and 3


Server 3 - Come on down, you’re the next candidate for a server merge!

We have been watching the data and know that the population of server 3 is struggling. To revitalize server 3 we will be merging it into server 1. In the coming weeks, we will be taking steps to push server 3 to catch up with server 1.

You will notice more double, triple, quadruple! drop events, better contest and Portal Lords rewards, and more opportunities to advance quickly through the chapters and hero progression.

Due to this this, you will need to be aware of the following rules for this merge:

  • New account creation has been turned off for server 3.
  • We will not be allowing account consolidation following this merge. We are going to be giving server 3 a lot of bonus drops, pumped up contest rewards, and straight out free stuff to help them get where they need to be for the merge. These actions are intended to help server 3 players reach a point where they’re competitive with server 1 players. We do not want players to stockpile all these catch-up goodies and then transfer them to another account.

We will have more details as we get closer to a merge date, but we want to let you know this is happening, and to be prepared for 10x fast forward!

Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!

Oh great!!!
So all that time and money that everyone has spent on S1 and S2 to get where they are has been totally devalued.
You guys at Per Blue really know how to make your customers feel good.

Surely it would have been better to merge server 3 with server 4/5 by just freezing S3 progress for a while to allow S4/5 to catch up

Should I be starting a new account on S8 in the knowledge that in a few months you will just give me all 52 fully levelled heroes for no effort or money whatsoever???

This could be the final nail for me!!!


Are we allowed to refund all purchases from s3?


What is the point of a merge without account consolidation?
This is a mis step


If server 3 would need a 10x fast forward in order to catch up to the newly merged S1, wouldn’t that stand to reason that perhaps S1 isn’t the right fit for them? I believe an earlier post from PB devs suggested that S4/5 would be a closer match.


The lack of account consolidation is a big mistake. If the added boosts are intended to bring S3 to S1 level then how is it any different that a S1 account being consolidated with an S2 account? The added bonus a S1 account gets from consolidating with a S2 should be the same as a S1 consolidating with a S3. If the fear is that they just stockpile gear and don’t promote bc they know the merge is coming, people did this on S2 and the issue lies with that this was announced well before hand. Give theses boosts (no one would have complained) and then announce it. Y’all don’t announce exploit fixes before they are fixed for this exact reason, but for this you did and are punishing the player for it. I don’t even have a S3 account and think this in a rather poor decision.


No, we aren’t devaluing anything for the server 1 players. We are giving the server 3 players a boost, so they can catch up. They aren’t going to suddenly dominate the rank boards after the merge. Rather than dumping them into server 1, 2 chapters behind, we’re giving them a chance to catch up now, so after the merge it won’t be such a shock.

We did consider server 4 as a candidate, but they are too far behind server 3 to make that work. Following it’s merge, server 4 is in a very healthy state, and it doesn’t make sense to give them rapid content releases just to catch up with server 3. If we followed our regular cadence of updates for server 4, it would take too long to catch up with server 3. As I said, the population of server 3 is getting to a critical point and we need to act swiftly.

About account consolidation.

  • No, it isn’t feasible for us to consolidate accounts before the merge. The accounts are on 2 different servers and there’s no way to bring them together until after the database consolidation that happens during the merge.
  • If a server 3 account uses all the boosts to level their heroes, complete the campaign, and advance quickly, yes, it would be equitable to consolidate accounts. However, we have to consider people will stockpile all the items that we’re going to be handing out, and then ask us to consolidate those into a server 1 account. That would slingshot that player ahead of everyone else at an unfair advantage. Because of that possibility, the team made the decision to not allow account consolidate between server 3 and server 1.

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Time and time again people have said that the level increases, new gear rarities and new characters have been introduced too quickly. In each case PB have attempted to ‘fix’ the issue with half baked solutions (quad drop events to help people catch up, 4.99 bundles so you can buy more gear for less, the guild shop, orange 5 gear requirement tweaks). All of these have been failures to some extent and missed the point entirely which is that the game has become too much about spending money and grinding away for gear that goes nowhere near as far as it used to.

The simple fact is that these latest gear and cap increases have increased the grind and reduced the fun. As a result more and more people are leaving the game, and so servers are becoming empty and need to be merged.


Result: Fewer people will leave the game. More people will join the game. No need to merge servers!


Sorry but you are devaluing what we have done in server 1

If I spent $20 on a stamina pack to help level up my Orange 5 heroes to Orange 6 that cost me $20 and a bunch of time.
You now appear to be offering that to S3 players for nothing, so my $20 and 3 hours of grind on S1 is equivalent to something considerably less for these S3 player hence my $20 was wasted (unless of course you are going to refund it :wink: )


Yessss!! :sunglasses: Awesome guys… this is what i’ve been waiting for and perfect it’s with S1 :slight_smile: thanks… loving it


Half of the players on the 3rd server are also playing on the 1st server. there will be an interest conflict. very bad idea per blue


If no account consolidation is happening then if we have an account on both servers, are we going to be able to play both accounts? If not, would you at least consolidate VIP points for both servers?


Yes, you will be able to play on both accounts after the merge.


Whilst I don’t agree with the delivery there are valid points here

I too am concerned that the focus seems to be in short term fixes and not on the root causes. Yes it’s true we’ve had the O5 changes, thank you per blue, but they don’t go far enough nor were the folks that put the effort in appropriately compensated.

A few months back this game had the perfect balance of pay to get strong or grind to get strong. The problem is that for the last few months you now have to pay and grind. The natural result is that the lower paying and f2p guys have left in their droves since grinding alone is no longer enough to compete.

Some cynics will say that because Pb doesn’t get any revenue from them they don’t/shouldn’t care. I disagree we need these players to keep the game exciting for the rest of us, without full guilds war doesn’t work.

It’s currently impossible for low spending or f2p players to stay relevant. In order to be competitive I’ve spent loads and consequently have used thousands and thousands of stamina packs to level gear. How can an f2p player possibility level their gear now. Neither the daily free stamina nor the stamina cap have been amended to reflect the increased stamina required at higher gear levels that’s bedore we talk about raid tickets. I can’t help but think those low spenders left are only sticking around for nostalgic reasons in the hope the imbalance is redressed.

I’d love to see the focus being put on returning to a system that is pay vs grind not one that has ultimately resulted in in f2p/low spending players becoming increasingly irrelevant.


If you only allow people to consolidate into server 3 accounts, then your second concern would no longer be an issue.


It’s frankly insulting for you to act as it you’re not devaluing anything for s1/s2 players. Like stubby said, if I put 20$ and a few hours into leveling a hero, and someone else didn’t, yet we both have the same geared up o7 hero in the end… it’s basic logical reasoning.
Time and time again pb treats its players like assets, not people, who have spent hundreds of dollars and hours.

Sidenote: The o5 gear change was a good start, but we still have so many items that need 800+ Valuable scraps (read 100+ stamina items with double drops) that you’re once again just seeing how long you can get away with it before you go “oops the grind is too hard? Tee hee, we’re sorry, we didn’t realize we were making the same dozen items needed for 52 different heroes”


Can you please give out raid tickets? @Polaris

What’s the use of double drops if f2p still can’t use their stamina packs?

Also can you announce when the quadruple drop will be?


There’s nothing in the game that players have to pay to get. We give all players access to everything for free. Paying in this game gets players things faster and first. Paid players get the new shiny first and can show it off, but everyone has the opportunity to get anything in the game for free.

Nothing is being taken away from server 1 players. We’re giving server 3 players a chance to move onto a healthy server and continue playing the game. Server 3 is our smallest server. Being able to join a larger server will be a large benefit for the server 3 players, and will have very, very, very little impact on server 1.


The issue as I perceive it is that the time taken to gather enough free stamina to level a hero to 130 and O7 gear is now prohibitive when once it wasn’t

Yes it’s true that stamina is given out freely, but not in sufficient quantities for the little guys to stay anywhere near in touching distance. How many f2p or low spending players have their level 125+ and o7 gear on say 10% of their heroes, I don’t know the answer but I suspect not many

It used to be that the lower spending players just took a bit longer to get there and were somewhere nearby the level cap by the time it was raise - I’m not seeing this anymore


"There’s nothing in the game that players have to pay to get."
Hmmmm! Yes there is! Daily raid tickets are only for VIP players.
"Nothing is being taken away from server 1 players. We’re giving server 3 players a chance to move onto a healthy server and continue playing the game."
Last week you changed o+5 crafting for some gears but took all we earned and made them useless and the only thing you did was just changing that item’s icon! And not even cared about us f2p players who planned for future and not even bothered to compensate us because we didn’t reach your “standards” since we were under leveled but that change screwed us too.
You just say care about f2p, but in action whatever you do ends up hurting us more.