Server Merge: Servers 1 and 3


This is one of the main reasons we made the crafting changes last week. We want the F2P players to be able to compete and the data was showing the P2P players pulling ahead too far.

Raid tickets can be found as drops in lots of places, so no, they are not a VIP only item.

That is not what happened. The crafting changes reduced the grind for those Orange levels, making it easier to get through those levels.


The O5 changes were super welcome, even if making already farmed gear redundant

The main complaints i get from the f2p and low spenders are pertaining to lack of raid tickets and Old hero’s being weaker than new ones

If those could be looked at I suspect it’ll feel like a big leap forward


I for one am not happy. I realize as a business you can’t please everyone, but seriously this decision sucks for a lot of people. I’m on s3 and my heroes are mostly o2 and o3 and only I’m level 111. I get that there are players on our server who are maxed, but most of my guild isn’t even close, a lot are still in purple. I would much rather go to 4.5. My guild and their levels would still be behind on that server - I also have an account I rarely use in that server and a lot of their members are still stronger than I am on s3. I realize it’s because I stopped spending money a while back. But that was a decision based on how upset I was with PB and the stupid decisions that ultimately imo led to all the people leaving s3 and other servers (thus creating the need to merge servers). I didn’t leave, just stopped spending and grinded slowly. Now I have to go to a server with level 130 and o7. Not excited about that at all. So happy I made the decision a long time ago to stop spending money here and pay on other games. I guess in the end this app will just be a “whatever have fun app” until I’m fizzled out with it. Why not let s3 vote on which server to merge with? I know a lot are happy with your decision and the other half discouraged. Oh well


You clearly are rather oblivious to your own game if you think that. Given that there STILL are items, single pieces of gear that would take 6000+ stamina to get (or 100 stam packs), and thats with double drops (which if youre f2p and have few raid tix, you can barely use to its potential)
Have you yourself done the math? I bet you have.
124 stam from guild checkin (assuming full guild, which many don’t have)
420 from blockbuster crusade
180 from 3 daily stamina
240 from passive regen
Fort completion… im blanking, but lets round up and say 120
Rounding up, max amount of daily stamina for f2p is 1100.

I took fox, dagger, dragon as examples of o5,o6,o7 respectively, 1300,1800,2500 rare scraps needed to gear up. (By rare i mean grim mace, manticorpse, etc. things that i still farm. I imagine i have a surplus of a few items f2p players don’t, so the number might actually be a little higher)

That totals 5600 scraps to gear up one hero from o5 to full o7. With double drops, 1k stamina yields you roughly 100-150 scraps. Let’s say 150. So 5600 scraps would take 37k stam. So it would take a free to play player 33 days to get one hero from o5 to o7 geared.

Dungeon is naturally the only way to speed this up, but even with dungeon - 100 floors from 70-170, with double drops, yield roughly 4k useful scraps, cost about 400-500 torches, a double drops/boots item (which im guessing f2p players aren’t swimming in either) and hours upon hours of time.

And we got 52 heroes. Not to mention my calculations only start at o5.

Sorry about incredibly long text.


I understand your reasons for not allowing account consolidation for this merge, but I think it’s a big mistake. Based on how accounts are named AFTER servers merge, wouldn’t there be a way to allow only server 3 accounts to receive perks for a while after the merge? I know that when you gave gear compensation to s1 and s2, my s1 account (highest hero was level 101 and rank orange+1) did not receive it while my s2 account (highest hero level 130 and rank orange+6) did.

If you allowed account merges for 3-5 days, then started the boosts for the remaining s3 accounts, the s3 accounts would initially be at a disadvantage, they could hopefully catch up.


Why not have an option to opt out of boosted rewards, allowing those specific server 3 accounts to merge into their server 1 account?


I believe the compensation package was based on whether or not you’d crafted the grear (O5) not what server your account was


Personally, I see no reason to not allow multiple consolidations, including on this merge, but that’s just my opinion.

The compromise that doesn’t hurt s3 or give perceived advantages to s1 or 2 accounts would be to allow consolidation to s3 accounts of one account that hasn’t been merged already. This puts s3 main accounts on par with s1 and 2 accounts.

I would also hope you’ll be very clear with your intentions (and stick to it) for future server merges involving s 1-5. I’m positive many people started collecting free stuff across all servers on abandoned or newly created accounts planning for future merges. Therefore deciding now how you’ll handle players desire to continue consolidating accounts seems appropriate opposed to one off decision for each merge.


Dear per blue…

Why don t u ask the players where they want to join?
U could also split, some of them want to merge with s1 and the others like to merge with server4.5

You should care for your playerbase, the p2p and the f2p. Scamming the p2p players will definitely make them quit and your company won t earn any money.
Treating your f2p players as encumbrances will make them quit too.
If both parts getting reduced to a critical size, just merge them with another server. Thats just a temporary solution.

Im vip 14, nearly vip 15.
Still i got lots of stam packs and no raid tickets to use.
What should i do with those stam packs, per blue?


Wow - I’m a similar in fact samnnnear identical VIP level and raid tickets have never been a bottle neck for me

How old is your account ?


Its 442 days now😶
I had tons of them, but they were all burnt while grinding🤷‍♂️


I know. I was trying to illustrate that they’re able to give packages to some players and not others when two servers merge. One of my accounts was eligible and the other wasn’t. Why can’t they do this for the merge with s3.


Similar age to me - weird that I have more than 20k

Unless you’re loads more powerful


I guess it comes down to difficulty

On the leaders chat earlier they explained that it was too difficult and time consuming, on the compensation packages you mentioned, to tailor them to the individual hence everyone got the same regardless of how many you’d crafted

My guess, and it is a guess, is that a similar level of difficulty would be involved and they have finite resources

I do think offering a poll as to which server to join would be nice although I fear it would take 4.5 too long to catch up


Thank you everyone for the thoughtful comments about the account consolidation. We have the team looking into a few different possibilities, and we will have more information by the end of the week.No promises that anything will change, but we are looking into the feasibility of other options based on your feedback.


I appreciate that you are listening. I really hope that y’all can understand where the root of the issues are and make changes for the better of the entire community.


Wow this is really a hotspot of complaining :joy: didn’t S2 players get some events to help them catch up with S1? I know S5 got it before merging with S4… but you S1 players would rather we come from far behind with no chance of competing?


S2 was only slightly behind S1, and over the past few months, their content updates were nearly identical to S1. Whether or not it was intentional, for quite some time S2 had been groomed to eventually merge to S1. So whatever catching up they had to do is not to the same level as S3 will need.

With S3 receiving all of these additional benefits in order to catch up to S1/2, means S1/2 spent a lot of money, time, resources, to get where we are, while S3 will be given a bunch of freebies to get to the same place.

Another point of contention is that accounts can’t be merged. Makes a difference when you may end up needing to compete with yourself in war, PL, contests, etc.


Some double drop events are not gonna take away your lead… we’ll still be behind but maybe with a fighting chance… we are dying fast and need some help… agreed on the account consolidation but also get why they took it away… ppl have been speculating in alt accounts lately… and that was never the idea of consolidation


lol we’re not talking about losing our lead. Most of us welcome competition! We’re talking about the fact that we had to grind/spend for where we are. And PB plans to give it away to S3 for free. Pardon me for not appreciating the fact that S1 and S2 had to pay for S3 to have it handed to them.