Server Merge: Servers 1 and 3


They are not giving us o7 - they give us double drops… myself I’m a player with 49 fully equipped o6 heroes… 27 maxed in epic so I should think I know the grind… I did most of my grind before the reformation of rank requirements and had thousands of each equip now obsolete… still I was happy for the change, not for the compensation, but still more happy that my less spending/playing guildies now actually have a chance of making at least 1 competetive line… you/I will still have an advantage, just not as big as before


@Polaris don’t you see what is going to happen? You can push the paying players and they will pay. You can’t push the f2p players though since we can’t use our stamina packs.

I don’t see the big issue about raid tickets, the limiting factor should be stamina not raids. The only thing raids help with is convenience.


You’re completely missing my point and the point of many others responding to this feed. :woman_shrugging:t2:


As someone who had 5 accounts I realize I was lucky to be able to consolidate on both 4.5 and 1.2. Even as a paying player I’m nearly two full gear levels and 5 team levels behind cap and I’ve been playing, daily, since the first month.

While I understand, to a point, your concerns about stockpiling, taking away this option from s3 players is entirely unfair. Personally, my s3 account was intended to be a fun f2p account while I spent on my main s1 and s2 accounts. It was only recently I spent at all on s3 and it was a mistake. Taking advantage of your “catch up deals” will only benefit spenders. Those of us who blow through out 60 ticket allotment get nothing out of it and therefore couldn’t stockpile if we wanted to.

I was, frankly, looking forward to only having two accounts to maintain, but now I’ll have two guilds and two accounts (one of which laughably weak) on the same server. This doesn’t entice your main base to spend, it just annoys us.


Ok… what is the point then? It seems most are annoyed that S3 don’t have to grind? and the account consolidation… think I gave my opinion on both


@Polaris S1 have 3 more heroes that S3. Went are you guys give us from S3 this heroes before the merge, after. This will make a very important step. We should be able to get this heroes soon. And not all from gold chest. Think also about that. If the boots you guys are giving are also mostly to the spender player. The not spender player will be always to far behind. Youth should also think about making a compensation or bonus. Rate in VIP level. But give more the the lower level of VIP or not VIP than to the highest level of VIP of S3.

By the way totally cool about the merge is going to happen sooi or later. Is good challenge also.


Ohhh Per Blue, you’ve done it again.

Rethinking this is a good thing. But I would suggest better decision process and consultation with the right people before locking in the decision.


How many s2 players have quit after they are merge with s1? how many will quiten if s3 merge with s1? what is the difference between s1 and s3? Look carefully: gold, xp, arena, tournament, crusade, fortress, guild war-token … you will see that s3 are very disadvantaged.


The point has been over and over again… The point is that we had to PAY for it.

PB intends to do “double, triple, quadruple” drop events, “pumped up” contest rewards and PL rewards and “straight up free items” to S3 to bring y’all up to speed. So much free stuff that they’re worried about people stockpiling for an account consolidation that they’re going to take that option away.

Y’all are being handed what we had to pay for and grind for. You may have felt SOME of the grind, but we felt ALL of it. And yes! It’s getting better. But the changes happened AFTER we’d already had to grind through O+5, O+6, and now into O+7 with reports of cap raise coming next week. It’s not the fact that y’all are being given items to help. It’s the fact that we had to PAY/GRIND for the same thing that’ll practically be handed to S3.


My biggest issue is with xp. I have 33 heroes I can’t level up. All I can do is keep the few guys I have at my current level. The 2 xp towers’ drop is nothing and what I can get while grinding is not nearly enough. Is there going to be something done about this? I will never be able to use my new heroes like this.


Logic dictates there will be a cap increase for S3 and not S1, so you don’t have to worry about that. Sorry if I seem inconsiderate but I’m just really happy we’re merging with you guys and not S4 and that can’t be done unless we get a helping hand


Well if you get a cap increase, we’ll get two! And then even a 4xdrop wont help much… thanks for making it personal btw


The problem is the way the game has evolved. PerBlue’s model has been flawed for a long time and it started to get out of hand once the Orange rarity levels were introduced.
Up until that time it was possible for free to play players to remain in touch with the biggest spenders, and a moderate spend could see people remaining truly competitive.
What has happened now is that F2P players have absolutely no hope of remaining in touch because each rarity increase exponentially increases the drain on resources without a corresponding pause to allow enough people to catch up
I, and I’m sure the vast majority of people on S1/2, welcome new blood and would prefer for them to be competitive. My issue is how that is going to be achieved, but that is down to the poor model that has been used

I understand the economics of the game, and without the pay to play players there is no game. For the pay to play players to remain paying they need something in return (access to the latest features earlier, nicer skins, less grind to get the gear or whatever). However they also need the game to remain competitive and that means having free to play and moderate spenders able to keep pace with the game albeit slightly behind the curve or through additional grinding

Because of the way the game has evolved this hand out of freebies to S3 players to allow them to become competitive is a slap in the face to everyone on S1/S2. There will be many that have spent time and money to get where they are, and will see S3 players getting to similar levels for far less effort. However it is the free to play and low spenders on S1/S2 that will get the biggest hit, as many if them will see S3 players sail past them for little or no additional effort

The simple fact is that the game is dieing because more and more people aren’t prepared to pay the sums of money needed to keep their heroes at the highest rarity to remain competitive. All I can say to any S3 player is enjoy the next period up to the merger while you can but find yourself a second job if you want to remain competitive once the merger has completed


How hard is it to realize you just slow s3 down and let 4.5 catch up?

This will give p2p players time to stop spending and accumulate their items and let more f2p players catch up and be more competitive. If you want more active players, this is the correct route.

What has been decided hurts both servers. Server one had to pay for what server 3 is getting handed plus f2p players will be forced to quit since we can’t take advantage of the increase drop rates.


I addressed this earlier. We did consider that:


You know what?! This seems funny to me because update-wize we at server 1 received chapter 18 and o6 in update 2.9 while server 3 got it in 2.12 which means they are 3 update behind meanwhile chapter 17 added to server 3 in update 2.11 while for server 4 it was added in 2.12 which means server 4 is just one update behind.
I think i rest my case!


S1 cap raise was due for 14th of this month…

Now unless it’s been postponed …
No one knows though as the info hasn’t been posted

If we cap raise on s1 yes you’ll have two to catch up
But as I was originally an S2 player
We had two cap raises two weeks apart to catch up…
No freebies
No extra prizes

That’s the main issue

S3 are being gifted the chance to catch up… We had to work for it

I’d rather see S3 bugger off to S4 as they are closer together in terms of rarity and inventory storage

Would be a farce to allow one group of players free access to goodies when no other server was given that opportunity

Do I hear compensation for every S2 and s5 player that didn’t get that luxury upon merging ???

That’s what’s needed because right now this is not fair on 90% of those two servers players


S5 did get events to help them catch up with S4. We are as close to S1 as we are to S4… closer to S1 according to perblue, but… sorry to hear you feel like that and personally I can’t see how we’re supposed to merge with any without hurting some


@Polaris Why would it take longer to catch them up to us? We are at 125 which is right in the middle of sever 1 at 130 and server 4.5 at 120.

I don’t know how many heros they don’t have but we are a couple heros behind server 1.

The issue I have which seems to be everyone’s issue is you guys want to speed us up but you are going to end up hurting everyone.

Also is there a reason raid tickets continue to not be addressed? The only info that keeps being said is not the answer. There is no way for a f2p member to get raid tickets without spending money. I have over 600 stamina packs that I can’t use.

All we want is to be able to use any resource whether it’s diamonds or gold to buy more. I don’t see why convenience should be a money making decision. Let stamina be the limiting factor.


We are in the process of looking at the data on raid tickets. We are also looking at alternatives for account consolidation. I will let you know when I have more information to address your questions.