Server Merge: Servers 1 and 3


Im a budget p2p player n have over 1500 stam packs with no raid tickets, i mentioned this in another thread, raid was taken away in PL contest where it at least provided some saving grace until next purchase/event. F2P players dont stand a chance stockpiling stam for a double or triple drop as they wont have the raids to compete. Thanks for taking it on board though polaris, hope something gets sorted!


If S1/S2 dont want them…we will take in S4.5…


Perhaps instead of simply giving this boost/extra drops and so on, only to the S3 players… They could determine S1’s average/steady player levels and collections… And give it the boost/push to to any S3 and S1 players who are below the average level/item count whatever… that way everyone should be able to JUST catch up enough. This should leave the more advanced players ahead where they paid to be? Idk just thinking. Lol


Current contest, 300 stamina packs…but no raids



For everyone’s information: The no-merge thing is currently under review. It might change, it might not.


I can understand the struggle of s3 players because s2 been through the same but if I remember s2 players had a new level cap 3 weeks after the previous one with 1 day notice and a few good packs to spend money in order to catch up with s1. No 3x or 4x events and free goodies. Now also know why the $5 deals vanish from s1, is to give time for s3 players spend the free goodies and slow down progression for player on s1 like myself that don’t have toons of cash to spend on a game. Bottom line if you value our feedback like you said you should listen to us when we said that the constant cap and gear raise were getting ridiculous and now you didn’t need to merge server because you had people still playing. In my way of seeing things this is a complete lack of respect and consideration for s1 players that have been spending money for over a year and now see their money go to waste and progression stop. Maybe is time to look for other game.


That is finished thing! we have no influence on their decision. instead of learning from mistakes, they do their thing. Servers are dying, that’s the fact.



Hey all, we have updated information here so I’m locking this thread.

Thank you!