Server Merge: Servers 4 and 6

Hello Server 6 and 4 Players!

We are starting to make plans to merge Server 6 into Server 4. We anticipate this merge will happen mid-November, but it will depend a great deal on player progression on Server 4. The overall merge process will be almost identical to the previous Server 4 merge, and we will have more details as we get closer to the event. This will not be an accelerated merge like Servers 3 and 1.

We will have more information on how this will impact Guild War and other game modes when we get closer. For now, we wanted to let you know that new account creation has been deactivated for Server 6, and we will be working to get Server 6 ready for a merge.

It was to be expected. Server 6 is really getting smaller :confused: We are getting O+4 in 2 days and I think server 4 is at O+5. At least the gap between servers is not too big. If we get only 1 quick cap raise before the merge, it wont be too bad. Like the other merges, its going to be difficult for free to play players of server 6. Im really curious to see how everything will be manage !

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And they’ll be merging server 1 and 4 by January.

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Presumably we will eventually merge.
But looking at the data that is available to non per blue people…

I think we are good for a bit longer than that.


Unfortunately that is a big enough difference. We already are maxing out at O+5 and, from the sound of your text, you would only have just got O+4. That difference will be noticed unfortunately, if they do not help your server catch up.

Dont get me wrong @Fire_III Im well aware that there is a good gap between both servers. Im already mentally prepared to see my guild go to top 10 in strenght in server 6 to top 25 and even lower after the merge :slightly_frowning_face: Im also worried about my free to play guildmates to just quit because they wont be able to compete in this new environment…

Any news yet on when the merge is going to happen? Mid november is getting really close :sweat_smile:

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