Server Merge: Servers 8 & 10

Hello Server 8 and 10 Players!

Here are the details for the merge between servers 8 and 10.

The merge will take place the morning of June 29, 2020. All game servers will be down during this process.

New account creation has been disabled for Server 10. We’ll be starting the process to merge Server 10 into Server 8 on June 2, 2020. This will be different from previous merges, so please read this post carefully!

Guild War:

The last battle phase of the season for both Server 8 and Server 10 will be Saturday, June 27. The season will end on Sunday, June 28 and the merge will happen the next day on Monday, June 29. The next season of war will start with the battle phase on Wednesday, July 1. There will be no adjustment to Crowns after the merge.

New Merge Process Details:

Due to the large gap between Server 10 and 8, on Tuesday June 2, 11:15 AM CT, we will do a server update on Server 10 to take the following steps:

  • Release all rarities up to Red +13
    • All eligible Server 10 accounts will have their Team Level set to 205
  • For all of the Heroes you have already unlocked prior to this update, we will grant a one-time boost of +4 rarities.
    • For example, if every Hero you currently own is Red +0, they will be set Red +4, with no gear equipped
    • Heroes adjusted in this way will have their Levels set to the maximum required level for that Hero’s gear at their new rarity
  • We will be giving all eligible Server 10 accounts the heroes listed below at 5 Stars, Red +7 Rarity, and Hero level 175:
    • Drama Llama
    • Exiled Empress
    • Tubby Traveler
    • Flint Lock
    • Valkyrie
    • Bouncy Basher
    • Short Stack
    • Queen Bruja
    • Baa Zooka
    • Father Forest
    • Sassy Slasher
    • Brogue Rowman
    • Catapult Dwarf
    • Green Bandit
    • Macabre Medic
    • Frost Biter
    • Bone Baron
    • Happypotamus
    • Sparky
    • Tabbigail
    • Marvelous Magnus
  • Skill levels, Epic Gear Levels, and Epic Crystals are all unaffected and are not included as part of this boost
  • All Normal and Elite Campaign Stages will be unlocked and set to 3 Stars, so you can immediately begin farming Gear and Shards
  • To help with progression you will also receive via in-game mail a large bundle of free Resources and supplies that you can use as you wish to power up your Heroes

During the weeks leading to the merge, we will be monitoring Server 10 progression to ensure things are in a good place prior to merging. We’ll post announcements as necessary for any additional merge related news or events.

Account Consolidation Preparation:

We will be allowing limited account consolidation requests prior to the merge. All account consolidation requests involving any number of Server 10 accounts must be received by 2:00 PM CT Friday, May 29.

Notes on account consolidation rules:

  • In order to consolidate accounts between Server 8 and 10, you must request to freeze your Server 10 account(s) by the deadline
  • We will allow for multiple Server 10 accounts to be consolidated into one main account, but the other source accounts must be frozen, leaving only the single Destination account unfrozen
  • We will also allow for multiple Server 8 accounts to be consolidated, freeze requests will not be required in this case
    • You’ll be able to request consolidation of Server 8 accounts during the 2 weeks following the completion of the merge. These will be open until 10 AM CT on Monday, July 13.

On Friday, May 29 at 2:00 PM CT, we will freeze the Server 10 accounts as requested. If you have other accounts on other servers, they will be available, but the frozen accounts will be inaccessible until the merge is complete. To avoid being locked out of your other accounts we recommend that you switch to one of those accounts before we start freezing Server 10 accounts at 2:00 PM CT on Friday, May 29.

After the merge we will consolidate accounts as requested following the “Account Consolidation Rules” below.

Account Consolidation Rules:

Once the merge is complete, players can choose either account to be their main account so long as they properly requested an account freeze beforehand.

NOTE: Players are not required to merge accounts, if you want to keep both accounts as is you do not need to take any additional action.

The following are able to be transferred:

Resources, including

  • Hero XP
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • VIP and Raid Tickets
  • Shop Tokens
  • Torches and Epic/Boss Keys
  • Guild Script

Inventory items, including:

  • Fully Crafted Items
  • Item Scraps and Epic Gear Scraps
  • Chests
  • Consumables
  • Hero Shards
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Guild Trophies
  • Unlocked Cosmetics - there will be no compensation for duplicate cosmetics

The following are UNABLE to be transferred:

  • Anything equipped or inherently attached to your Heroes (excluding Cosmetics), including:
    • Equipped Items
    • Epic Gear or Epic Gear Levels
    • Skill Levels
  • Full Heroes, Hero Stars or Hero Rarities, or Hero Levels
  • Team Level or Team Level Experience
  • Dungeon Experience or Dungeon Experience Levels
  • “Banked” Stamina
  • Unclaimed mail
  • Arena or Royal Tournament Rankings
  • Essences

Additional things to keep in mind if you’re considering a consolidation:

  • Spend all of your stored (“banked”) Stamina prior to the merge - use it or lose it!
  • Normal and Elite Campaign Progress will match the state of the Campaigns on your destination Account, including unlocked chapters and earned Stars.
  • Dungeon depth progress will match the state of the Dungeon on your destination Account, including unlocked Boss Dungeon difficulties and Epic Epic Dungeon.
  • Finish your Daily Quests to claim as much loot as you can, because no Daily Quests will transfer.
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Tower, Trial, Dungeon, Crusade, etc will be derived from the Destination Account
  • If you are a Guild Leader and are transferring, it is highly recommended that you designate a new leader before transferring, otherwise your Guild will be forced to strip your leadership themselves.
  • Inform your friends! Your transferred account will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED following the transfer of goods to your Destination Account, and your friend list WILL NOT automatically update.
  • Challenger Arena Leagues will demote the bottom TWO players at a time until the Challenger League size returns to 100 players
  • Regular Arena and Royal Tournament Leagues will merge and split as always after the merge. You may however notice an increase in the amount of splitting/merging while things settle down post merge.
  • Break down any equipped Epic Gear Crystals on any accounts you are transferring out of, as no equipped Epic Crystals will transfer. By breaking them down, you’ll get 50% of the Strength or Vitality back, which can then be transferred.
  • Chat Silences and Bans will carry over and be unchanged

Here are the steps for how to request a transfer:

For account consolidations involving any number of Server 10 accounts, all requests must be received by 2:00 PM CT on Friday, May 29. This will result in the freezing of all non Destination Server 10 accounts.

For account consolidations involving only Server 8 accounts, requests will be open after the merge until 10 AM CT on Monday, July 13.

  1. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer your goods into - this will be your DESTINATION account
  2. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer goods OUT of - This is the account that will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED after the transfer is complete.
  3. Submit a ticket to Customer Support with both account ID’s, and carefully indicate which Account ID is the Destination Account (i.e the Account you want to KEEP), and which is the account you’re transferring goods out of. To help us expedite these requests, please include “Account Consolidation Request” at the top of your ticket.
  4. If you have multiple accounts you wish to transfer goods out of, please indicate them all in the same ticket.
  5. We will review requests for multiple transfers on a case by case basis to ensure fairness to all players
  6. Note that this is an IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS, and you will never have access to your retired account again.
  7. Sit back and relax - Player Support will process your request as quickly as possible.
  8. Transfers will only begin taking place after the merge is complete.

Final disclaimer:

You must always have been and currently are the sole owner of all involved Accounts.

Wow :no_mouth: most complicated merge by far. This doesn’t affect me but at least it gives me an idea of how a S1/S8 merge could work.

In the back of my mind I’m already beginning to wonder whether the S8 or the S10 players will be complaining the most (I have a feeling it’ll be S8).

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Well if they can boost other servers now, why not just merge all servers and boost everyone to match server 1 so there’s more top competition than just 4 to 6 guilds? This IS something that’s possible to do after all.

So let me see if i got this right. While s8 paided and spent time to level their accounts, s10 will get all of the above for free. Why does that not sound right to me.


And so it begins lol.

As I don’t have a server 10 account, I am not that bothered to work out how appropriate the number or level of heroes given.

First thought is red+7 is a little high…

All I would say to people on server 10 that aren’t freezing their accounts…


That four rarity uplift is incrementally bigger.



If and when that happens, I’ll be freezing S8 to merge it.

Igual que cuando fusionaron s4 con s1,que triste fué…

Make a server 13 (its a good number) - and merge everyones accounts to that.

1 server to rule them all.


Hmmm. Announce a merge between S8 and S10 today, definitely did not see that. Fix and respond to S1 about the war situation yesterday, and the performance issues seen over the weekend… that will definitely happen! Surprise! It’s opposite day

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But…but…but…it can never be opposite day! :open_mouth:

The opposite of opposite day is not opposite day, which is the case here when you say it’s opposite day on opposite day! :stuck_out_tongue:


Doah! Thanks GP! I can be such a simpleton sometimes.


Mici, talking about the actual equipped gear or the essences or both? Is that because they will technically get filled in on upgrade? Thanks.

Whatever the gear rarity will be at the uplift day, you should have the rarity unlocked, but no gear added.


If it was to happen today, that s1 was going to be uplifted 4 levels than they already have, but not have any gear attached when they got there (like the PB wording for S10 reads up there)



Would both end up at gold +7 with no gear attached.

Trust me when I say that one of those cost a lot more than the other to get to where they are.

But they would both be equal after uplift.
In terms of gear, anyway.
As pb states, essences and skills etc will be unaffected.

Well that just bites… All my heroes are maxed out, fully equipped… And no update till the S10 bump I’m sure.

Thanks for info… This should make for some interesting play… But also maybe get S8 players to jump to S10 guilds too. We need about a dozen new Active members…

The package better be a good amount of everything, since we didn’t ask for the merge… and will be way behind after the merge.

I’d like a rarity 4 boost on my 2 accounts originated on S2 and S5 and merged with S1.
But no, I had to spend to get some kind of progress on my roster. How is this fair, PB?
Server merges are necessary to cut costs for the developer as the game isn’t as successful as it was 3 years ago when it launched.
I want my costs also being cut and being refunded the resources it took me to bring 20 heroes into a playable shape as it being done with players on S8.

And btw… it would be very kind of you to investigate the recent S1 lag problems me and several guild mates are experiencing lately.

Then, no offence, but you can afford to take the hit.
Advice is more for people that will struggle to keep up.

For maxed players, just make sure to use of all the stupidly good deals and stamina packs that get released after the lockdown period starts.

Because they will be some of the best value for money you have seen up to now, and will certainly be better than what will be available after.

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It’s bittersweet. I am one of those that have kept up and that’s been possible because I’ve chosen to do so.

Whether someone can afford to spend the money is not something PB has control over. The money one spends is at their own discretion.

I can appreciate the viewpoint from both sides. It has been getting quiet on S8. Now if only they bring back more stacked buys. I’m sure some of us miss gifting our guilds.

Wait so if I only have an s10 account, I don’t do any action and wait on the merge?

unless you wanna consolidate it into a non-existent s8 account, that’s the best plan of action :wink: