Server Merge: Servers 8 & 9

Hello Server 8 and 9 Players!

We are starting to make plans to merge Server 9 into Server 8. The overall merge process will be almost identical to the previous server merges, and we will have more details as we get closer to the event.

We anticipate the Server 8 and 9 merge will happen in the fall. For now, we want to let you know that new account creation has been deactivated for Server 9, and we will be working in the next few months to get Servers 9 ready for a merge.

To help Server 9 catch up to server 8, we will be running double drop events between now and the merge. We will closely monitor how server 9 is progressing, and will run quad drop events as needed. We will be doing team level increases and introducing new chapters and heroes to server 9 every 2 weeks. This is fast, we know, but with the bonus drops and other freebies we’ll be delivering, you’ll be able to do it!

We will be allowing account consolidation following the merge. You don’t need to contact us now. We will post the instructions closer to the merge date. Only accounts currently on servers 8 and 9 will be eligible for account consolidation. We will be using the same guidelines as in the past.


Sounds like a deal Polaris. Thanks for all the catch-ups and again including account merge instructions.


Sounds like a nightmare Polaris.
That much uplift , in that short time?

You couldn’t hold S8 back one month?
Just one month, to make this slightly easier??

Forgive me.
Of course you couldn’t

Whales gotta whale.


So you caught the sarcasm and added your own Pixie?! Guess I could’ve just wrote “You’re mergering me here”. Are you recommending I quit before fall? :grin:


You will be in the same boat as every other player on S9

Spend or be left behind.

Technically we all are always in that boat.
But for the next months, it’s going to be very very apparent.

Quad drops sounds nice.
Until you don’t have the money to buy the diamonds to buy the stamina to actually benefit from it…

So yes, to you and every other S9 player.
Spend or fall behind.

I’ll see you down there, as I’m not spending.


What will happen to my two accounts on server 9? Good to know I spend a lot money on all my accounts… Let me know please thanks.

They’ll move over to server eight like everyone else.
No difference, apart from more competition and busier in game chat.

Nothing changes…
Unless you want to consolidate those two accounts into one account.

Is that something you want to do?

@Pixie_Mici you need to concentrate on being a better guildie than trawling in here

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Sic Bob on him Pix!



If people have an issue with me as a guildmate, they should speak to me directly, away from public forums.

And be prepared for the response


What do you recommend to me?

Unless they are both totally maxed accounts , and you have the disposable income and free time to continue to run both …

I would always consolidate.

Right now, I would choose a main account to keep and an alt account to destroy

Don’t upgrade any heroes / crystals / epic skills on the alt account.
Save every diamond for stamina packs, so that you can complete the progress rewards for every contest.
Do not open any chests or rewards that you get.

With the free stamina you get , run levels to stockpile items that you find you run out of on your main

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That does depend on you having a good guild that will keep you as you fall behind.

My guild was kind enough to keep me as I fell down the rankings.
They have been rewarded by a mega merged Mici :wink:

If you have to level to keep up, to keep your place in the guild, do so.

But only the two or three lines you use to hit in war.
Let the guild carry the war defences.

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Sorry PerBlue, we need a lot of hero XP on s9, can we buy it with diamonds?
Otherwise it will be difficult to prepare for the merger
Thank you

Thanks my friend :hugs:

That is excellent advice. Thank you


If I choose to keep my s9 account instead of consolidate, how does that work? I play on an iPad. How can I have 2 accounts on 1 server?

Like this…

You just pick the one you want, from the menu
Notice two are on server 4

If they aren’t maxed, I would advise the merge, but it’s your call…

I’m happier now.

Much less work