Server Merge: Servers 8 & 9

That is a very bad move tbh
Imagine being a f2p (if they still exist) and you suddenly can’t do anything in arenas or tournaments or even fortress because quite a few players maxxed out on the day that arrived

The control measures are justified to keep some semblance of balance between those who can and those who can’t spend heavily every week

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Reform bunny legion from riders

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We’d have to perform a few miracles to convince everyone its a cracking idea :sunglasses:

Tbh I’m so happy I never allowed our home to die off and let others use it as their new home

So many beautiful memories with that team
Many a night working in the foundry and I’d be avoiding my work just to keep up with our latest shenanigans

All time greatest guild I’ve been in tbhwe smoked that server 2 while we were unified :heart_eyes:

What server should I spend my banked stamina on 8 or 9?

I disagree, we all did just fine leveling since the day we started. Don’t need spoon feed, didn’t start the game to sit and wait! Which everyone at level has been forced to do.
Can’t believe anyone invests time on any game to be stuck like this.
I don’t play the game to be held back.
Newer players are not my concern.
Why should anyone be held back because purblue can’t figure out how to separate by levels.
Sorry, I really do not want to be stuck waiting for levels, bad planning.

The games been this way since day 1

The thing is your mindset wouldn’t be great for running a business of this type.
Companies must acknowledge the smallest of players contributions to the collective communities input, even if they bring no cash flow, they are still a vibrant part of the game and must be included in all decisions to keep some kind of balance.

Capping progress is to benefit everyone but mostly the company interests first and foremost
Cash flow in regularly each cap raise is good business strategy

I it was done the way you wanted they’d see profits for a month or too then it would cease after those who can spend have spent and have no reason to continue spending


So youre saying, pb should just merge all the servers, release 4000 chapters, introduced all the new gear levels, epics, honor, heroes all on the same day? Then close their doors and free range this game?
No matter what one thinks, player base needs new content on a regular basis. Even if they released all the chapters, someone would get to the last chapter quicker than anybody imagined. Then because there wasn’t any new content, they’d leave. That wouldn’t be a game, it just be a race.
I get it, you love pq and want to play more, there’s nothing wrong with that. We all wish we could play a little more. But its like this… you can buy a bag of cookies, and eat a couple every day, enjoying them while still living a normal life. The bag lasts all week and you know every day you can have a cookie. Life is good. But when you open the bag as soon as you get into your car and eat them all before you even leave the parking lot, you’re gonna start to run into problems. The biggest of which is we’re out of cookies, so now we need to find some cake.:wink:

Mobile gaming is basically now a science. These gaming companies are aways collecting the data, and figuring out where the healty balance should be to maximize both player base and revenue. (Although some do fail) They understand that we’re all a bunch of people that would gladly eat all our cookies immediately and then start looking for cake, but pb only sells cookies, they dont want us eating cake, because if we’re eating cake, we aren’t buying cookies. The need for new content is always going to exist, even if they release everything, people will need more. New servers give people a chance to start over, at the same speed as everyone else on the server. Its a fresh starting point. Thats freshness is needed for new players, and new players are needed for the longevity of the entire game. Releasing everything at once isnt healty for the life of the game.

But as far as im aware of, one can make a new account on server 1, and then they would get their wish to eat as many cookies as possible😀


Cookies!!! :wink:

Actually yes, again we all leveled just fine until we were stuck.
And I’ve also leveled just fine with a newer account where 30 toons dropped in one day.
So, since the day they added the last highest chapter, all servers should have had the highest level.

I’m sorry, do all players level themselves? I think so!
If I started today I’d be leveling, I’d expect some that have been playing for a year to be way ahead.
So, I’m not getting your logic.

yes everybody levels themselves… its a disgusting, messy, dirty habit they do when nobody’s around. And if they don’t stop they’re all gonna go blind😉


pics or it didn’t happen :astonished:

Well paint me levelated…or is that elevated. If a game becomes more work than fun is it still a game. If a tree falls in the forest who is to blame? Mici do not answer Bob…you can however say Axe.

Hi what is Superguild??never heard of it or seen it listed anywhere …just curious

I left it for righteous anger , and then the allegiant.

It’s called outside the wall now.
We were always a more casual guild, so it was more irony than a serious warning to S8

Ah. A guild hopper

Usually it’s due to a change in my circumstances which means that my activity and that of the current guild don’t line up.

There’s very few guilds that I have ever left on bad terms, or without a chat with the leadership team about how I’m feeling like I’m not keeping up with everyone, orrrrrrrrr that we are waiting around for too many people and could do better.


That’s what I said. A guild hopper

If that is the label that you choose to give to someone that moves between guilds, in order to find a group of like minded individuals that play the game to the same level of activity and ability, rather than staying in a guild where I am wondering why I bother to turn up when half the others don’t, or where I constantly feel like I don’t have the required amount of time to keep up with everyone else…

Then yes. I am a guild hopper.
I move between guilds until I am happy, and they are happy with me.

The amusing thing is that as my circumstances continue to change, I find myself returning to guilds that I have left and being welcomed with open arms, and even receive messages from ex guildmates asking me to return , so I must be doing something right , and they can’t be too upset with all this “hopping”.

Not sure why you feel the need to comment on my posts, but I look forward to the next one.

Until then…
Everyone has to play their game, their own way.