Server merges 8&, whoah! 😊

Is anybody on s8 or s9 as excited and nervous, as I am?
How do we determine rankings and the like are, ranked 1 from s8 and ranked 1 from s9 going to share the crown or is it determined by the highest score?
what if both those players are maxed out to the gills, points-wise? (all heroes maxed, epic-a-lized and crystallized), what then?
It’s, exciting for sure, but I am curious about how it is determined as to whom from each server gets placed/ranked on the soon to be new, merged rankings board.


Like that, I guess…

Hey…en el 9 th estoy yo se me vé un poco …jajajajaj

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You mean war ranking?

Because player ranking has always been that there can be infinite people at rank 1

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I don’t remember how war works exactly

Someone help if they know.

But from what I remember is that all guilds crown will be reset, but not to 0, if your guild was top something then you will start with X amount of crowns, while those guilds under the top something will have a lot less crowns, to prevent big guilds (like my super hardcore good guild that I own) destroying small guilds with only 10 members.

So a lot of guilds will be rank 1 in the start together, until a guild beats another guild

I don’t think you could see who was rank 1 until someone actually won against someone else

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