Server moderators

I’m not sure if other servers are afflicted by the same as mine… server 8.
But it seems very common and frequent that several players often are major pests in chat…
example… 299 days played and level 7.
Cause grief in chat.
OK. I get it… block and ignore seems straight forward… until more pop up… spamming or looking for sex… like it’s tinder.

These people often come to PQ for roblox and have no intention of playing the game.
Or are sex pests… harrasing players and asking for 15 year olds.

I get we can block… but I often have to clear my.blocked lists as it gets full.

I don’t know if each server has a main game moderator /GM for short and if we do its not apparent.

I’d like to suggest having 1 or 2 or more per server to taking on the task of ridding the servers of pests.
Which I feel are a deterant to players who want to play and.maybe socialise in chat.

Such players always say ’ OK I’ll be blocked for now but I’ll be back and if I get a permanent ban I’ll just make a new account’

Hence my suggestion to have a somewhat ‘police’ appointed by PB because it seems no one does it actively in real time or acts on it properly.

I just want to play the game.and have a nice chat from time to time. Seems it’s getting a bit out of hand now days.


I agree . The chat in Server 4 is sometimes also used like Tinder or just trying to bully people :pensive: this game should be also playable for children. And I am sad that there are people who don’t care


I agree. I’m no prude. Was a chef for 20 years. More work needs to be done to protect the younger players. Also per blue needs to start checking names of players. Here’s one for you per blue
‘Ur whalecum’

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Hi. I play on server 11. I am nearly 40, and female. So far it’s been great chat on there. I play on my S9+ and I’m loving the friendly banter and meeting my fellow older adult kids. Lol if at all U was to see or hear of foul talk or bullying I would hope some of the kids might reach out so we can deal with it. If at all I could help in anyway please come find me. Major Kush.

Chief yellow is another I was trying also.


:unamused: I changed the name in the game. In the future if you see someone with an inappropriate name, block and report and we’ll get that taken care of!

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Sure :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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