Server one needs guild war


Make it so, per blue!!!


Guild war has been activated on server 1 - Go, FIGHT, WIN!



(Senseless characters added for the character limit).


Correction PB… Guild war was activated for… Most of server 1.
I believe a few guilds just simply didn’t get a match, even though they were queued.

Bluntly… This is stupid. Beyond understanding.
Just let guilds go to war. Let people play your game!

Now other guilds who were lucky enough to get a match will be ahead of those guilds who didn’t. By one war worth of crowns. Which can make or break a ranking. Especially near the higher end of the ranks.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen others make posts about this.


It’s happened to us (Antidote) too, TWICE now. PerBlue, this is just pathetic.


Heros of Asgard did not get matched either


Another day of no war because we aren’t important enough for pb to check things out yesterday… They “wanted to ensure it was really an issue before looking into it”. Didn’t they do a smaller server merge first to work out the issues before doing 1,2?


We are currently looking into what’s happening with the war queuing. If your guild was in the queue before matchmaking and you didn’t get match, please have ONE PERSON (the guild leader preferably) send in a support ticket with the details.

Thank you!


stops writing a ticket


I think several of my guildies have written tickets already unfortunately.


Suffer like the rest of us 4.5 sufferers :smiling_imp:


Server 4.5 we all had to wait for war season.

Here on server 1, the war season has started.
Two days ago

And a handful of guilds aren’t able to join in.
That is not the same at all!



What she said



Guild war matchmaking should be fixed now. If you sent in a support ticket, you’ll be hearing back from the agents today.


Here come the men in black…


Ah I see why the unrest! Waiting 2 weeks was terrible though. I’ve never seen so many caged animals