Server Update 8/22


Join server 9, it could be fun for you :smiley: (until you have to farm epics again)


Ugh. Why do they have to bring epics and orange+ gear?

Can’t we have a server that stops at orange rarity?
Make it so people have to choose to join it, it’s never the default server…
It would be a nice place to just level all the heroes and play

It could be a training server.
A bit more work, but it could be a starter server and per blue could move people accounts to a proper server if they want to, after they reach level 90


Sounds like a good idea, but sadly it won’t happen ;(


Will this update be fixing Panther or are you just going to introduce a known glitched toon to another server?


Will wombeaux finally be nullified :joy:
Can the blue guy finally return from limbo ??


Thanks a lot for lion knight in server 6 :grinning:
@Cottontail Limbo! :joy: Good call!!!


No new hero on S1?!?!?!


No fix for dungeon speed yet?


Chill out man, PerBlue is trying hard


This is why I’m trying to politely ask for clarity around the issue.

Currently depending on which person answers, per blue are contradicting each other.


Hey everyone!

We’ve received some reports about issues with Panther Stalker’s skills. In this update, we will be disabling Panther Stalker’s skills that are causing crashes in the game until we can get them fixed.

  • Top Cat (White Skill)
  • Sneering Snare (Blue Skill)
  • Jaguar Dagger (Epic Skill)

You may need to restart the app for this to take affect. Thanks for all of your patience!


Will there be a Server 1 Update today
and if so, when?


Why would you be expecting a new hero?? We JUST got 2. How about changing up the shop heros


And in Orange there are 6 levels others have only 2 levels. So save all your gold your going to need it.


Thanks for the heads up.
I was asking for a little server to play as a side project.
Just pottering on.

To be fair, I haven’t reached the sixth level yet.

Am hoarding the gold though :wink:


Why isn’t server 1 getting Dragoon in the tournament shop?


We won’t get dragoon elsewhere until a new gold chest hero is introduced. And each server gets heroes differently. We got panther in elite campaign while s2 got him as gold chest for example.


Do I have to wait for an update to move to a new server each time when I max level?


I’m not sure I understand your question…

But to switch to a new server

Click avatar top left main screen
Scroll down all the way
You’ll see manage accounts
From there you can pick a server

I believe 4+5 are not able to be chosen as merge started yesterday :thinking: so you’d have the options of servers 1-3 then 6-8


When will the dungeon walking speed issue be fixed? The one where you get reset back to 1-legged turtle speed at the beginning of every floor… also, why is there even a slow or medium walking speed? Why not just make the fast 5x speed the normal speed? Walking slower accomplishes nothing except waste people’s time irl… im pretty sure absolute 0 people walk slow or medium speed if they have a choice… i mean whats the point of a 5x speed consumable except 1 more thing to gouge people for real $$?