Servers 1 & 4 Merge Details

Hello Server 1 and 4 Players!

Here are the details for the merge between servers 1 and 4.

The merge will take place on September 30, 2019 in the morning. All game servers will be down during this process.

The overall merge process is similar to other server merges, but please check out all of the specific details below.

Guild War:

All guilds will have their crowns set to 0 for the start of the October season. This gets all guilds starting out at the same spot.

Account Consolidation:

Players on these servers will be able to consolidate belongings from alternate accounts after the merge is complete. Please review the following details:

NOTE: Players are not required to merge accounts, if you want to keep both accounts as is you do not need to take any additional action.

The following are able to be transferred:
Resources, including

  • Hero XP
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • VIP and Raid Tickets
  • Shop Tokens
  • Torches and Epic/Boss Keys
  • Guild Script

Inventory items, including:

  • Fully Crafted Items
  • Item Scraps and Epic Gear Scraps
  • Chests
  • Consumables
  • Hero Shards
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Guild Trophies
  • Unlocked Cosmetics - there will be no compensation for duplicate cosmetics

The following are UNABLE to be transferred:

  • Anything equipped or inherently attached to your Heroes (excluding Cosmetics), including:
    • Equipped Items
    • Epic Gear or Epic Gear Levels
    • Skill Levels
  • Full Heroes, Hero Stars or Hero Rarities, or Hero Levels
  • Team Level or Team Level Experience
  • Dungeon Experience or Dungeon Experience Levels
  • “Banked” Stamina
  • Unclaimed mail
  • Arena or Royal Tournament Rankings
  • Essences

Additional things to keep in mind if you’re considering a consolidation:

  • Spend all of your stored (“banked”) Stamina prior to the merge - use it or lose it!
  • Normal and Elite Campaign Progress will match the state of the Campaigns on your destination Account, including unlocked chapters and earned Stars.
  • Dungeon depth progress will match the state of the Dungeon on your destination Account, including unlocked Boss Dungeon difficulties and Epic Epic Dungeon.
  • Finish your Daily Quests to claim as much loot as you can, because no Daily Quests will transfer.
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Tower, Trial, Dungeon, Crusade, etc will be derived from the Destination Account
  • If you are a Guild Leader and are transferring, it is highly recommended you designate a new leader before transferring, otherwise your Guild will be forced to strip your leadership themselves.
  • Inform your friends! Your transferred account will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED following the transfer of goods to your Destination Account, and your friend list WILL NOT automatically update.
  • Challenger Arena Leagues will demote the bottom TWO players at a time until the Challenger League size returns to 100 players
  • Regular Arena and Royal Tournament Leagues will merge and split as always after the merge. You may however notice an increase in the amount of splitting/merging while things settle down post merge.
  • Break down any equipped Epic Gear Crystals on any accounts you are transferring out of, as no equipped Epic Crystals will transfer. By breaking them down, you’ll get 50% of the Strength or Vitality back, which can then be transferred.
  • Chat Silences and Bans will carry over and be unchanged

Here are the steps for how to request a consolidation:

You have 2 weeks from when the merge completes to request a transfer, after which we will no longer offer account consolidation. All account consolidation requests must be received by 10 AM CT on Monday, October 14.

  1. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer your goods into - this will be your DESTINATION account
  2. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer goods OUT of - This is the account that will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED after the transfer is complete.
  3. Submit a ticket to Customer Support with both account ID’s, and carefully indicate which Account ID is the Destination Account (i.e the Account you want to KEEP), and which is the account you’re transferring goods out of. To help us expedite these requests, please include “Account Consolidation Request” at the top of your ticket.
  4. If you have multiple accounts you wish to transfer goods out of, please indicate them all in the same ticket.
  5. We will review requests for multiple transfers on a case by case basis to ensure fairness to all players
  6. Note that this is an IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS, and you will never have access to your retired account again.
  7. Sit back and relax - Player Support will process your request as quickly as possible.
  8. Consolidation will only begin taking place after the merge is complete.

Final disclaimer:
You must always have been and currently are the sole owner of all involved Accounts.

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So, if i want to consolidate my s4 account into my s1 account, but my s4 account has been permanently silenced(and later reverted), but my s1 account has never been silenced before, how would that affect my account exactly?


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Silences don’t transfer, so consolidating your S4 into your S1 account will not change the status of the S1 account.

So can I transfer raid tickets from my s1 acct where I have almost a million to my newer s4 acct which has like 8000 and very low level led ??

If you want to consolidate from your S1 account into you S4 account, it’s your choice. You can’t pick and choose what to consolidate though - it’s all or nothing and the S1 account would be deleted as part of the process.

No way would I consolidate after reading the list of non-transferrables, though I understand why it is so. Okay, here we go players…hope everyone on 4 is ready.

I’ve consolidated every time servers merged.
And will consolidate again today.

Everyone has to play their game their own way.

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Are we there yet?


Will we receive our war rewards? I’ve not been able to get into game to collect, plus there was an error for 2 previous wars not giving rewards. I got a mail message from PQ advising rewards will be compensated. Still waiting… thanks in advance for looking into this

Hope they extend the deal. Hard to buy when you cant get on

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Thank you for consolidating my accounts :heart_eyes:
Finally down to 4 to play on :rofl:

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I know I should now i have a brane lock what is s1 to s4 is that where we have to move ?