Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


Everyone, thank you for your constructive feedback about our plan to speed up and merge server 3 into server 1. We are going to proceed with the following plan, which we have adjusted based on your feedback.

Account Consolidation
We will be allowing limited account consolidation requests prior to the merge. All account consolidation requests must be received by Support by 10 AM CT on Wednesday, October 17.

  • Accounts on server 3 can be consolidated with other accounts on server 3
  • Accounts on server 3 can be frozen now and then consolidated into an account on server 1 after the merge.
    • We will allow server 1 accounts to be merged into server 3 accounts, if the server 3 account is frozen.

With the 2.14 update on October 17, we will freeze the server 3 accounts that will be consolidated into server 1 accounts. Other accounts and servers will be available, but these frozen server 3 accounts will be inaccessible. Once the server merge is complete, we will consolidate accounts, so please be sure your server 3 account is ready before the freeze.

  • If you would like the option to claim your war rewards on your server 3 account, please include that in your account consolidation request. After the server merge, you will be able to log into your server 3 account to claim your rewards. We will hold your consolidation request for 24 hours after the merge is completed.

All the details for account consolidation are at the end of this post. :arrow_down:

Guild Size Reduction
Server 3 guilds will need to reduce down to 40 members. Guild Influence spent on the relevant perk will be refunded after the server merge. When this change takes place, nothing will immediately happen - no members of any guilds will be removed automatically. However, your guild will be unable to queue for Guild War or participate in Portal Lords until your guild size is 40 members or less.

Guild War
The servers are on the same Guild War season schedule. We will be ending the current season on October 30 and issuing rewards. Following the merge, guilds will be ranked based on crowns and a new season will begin on Monday, November 5.

Server 3 Speed Up
Update 2.14 will be on Wednesday, October 17. At that time, the following will happen on server 3:

  • Releasing Chapters 19 and 20
  • Releasing Ancient Siren in Gold Chests
  • Releasing Brass Monk in the War Shop
  • Gifting everyone Forgotten Champion
    • He was the sign-in hero for October on server 1
  • Gifting everyone Chapter 18 gear: (Mesa Maces (x3), Hex Shooter (x3), Gem of the Forlorn Cowboy (x3), The Good, Bad, and Ugly Stuff (x3), Bull Snake (x3), Conquistasore (x3), Lucky Boots (x3), Ten-Gallon Paladin (x3), High-Horse Saddle (x3), Garden-Variety Skull (x3), Feather of Bonding (x3)
  • Start Quadruple Drops in Normal Campaign - please note there is no ‘x4’ art in the game for quadruple drops. I can promise you the drops are being multiplied correctly, but there is not an indication on the rewards screen.
  • Start Double Drops in Dungeon
  • Start a daily gift of 1000 raid tickets and 1200 Stamina - these mailbox messages will expire after 24 hours, so you need to claim them or lose them. Don’t be a hoarder!

The merge will take place on Thursday, November 1.
The next season of Guild War will begin Monday, November 5.

We will be closely monitoring the progress of server 3 and we will make changes as needed. As always, we may need to adjust this timeline in the event of other factors, but we will let you know as soon as we can about any changes.

We understand this will be fast, but we feel like the benefits of being together in a larger, more active server outweigh the challenges in getting everyone deary!

Account Consolidation Details
Players are not required to merge accounts, if you want to keep both accounts as is you do not need to take any additional action.

The following are able to be transferred:
Resources, including

  • Hero XP
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • VIP and Raid Tickets
  • Shop Tokens
  • Torches and Epic/Boss Keys

Inventory items, including:

  • Fully Crafted Items
  • Item Scraps and Epic Gear Scraps
  • Chests
  • Consumables
  • Hero Shards
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Guild Trophies
  • Unlocked Cosmetics

The following are UNABLE to be transferred:

  • Anything equipped or inherently attached to your Heroes (excluding Cosmetics), including:
    • Equipped Items
    • Epic Gear or Epic Gear Levels
    • Skill Levels
  • Full Heroes, Hero Stars or Hero Rarities, or Hero Levels
  • Team Level or Team Level Experience
  • Dungeon Experience or Dungeon Experience Levels
  • “Banked” Stamina
  • Unclaimed mail
  • Arena or Royal Tournament Rankings

Additional things to keep in mind if you’re considering a transfer:

  • Spend all of your stored (“banked”) Stamina prior to the merge - use it or lose it!
  • Normal and Elite Campaign Progress will match the state of the Campaigns on your destination Account, including unlocked chapters and earned Stars.
  • Dungeon depth progress will match the state of the Dungeon on your destination Account, including unlocked Boss Dungeon difficulties and Epic Epic Dungeon.
  • Finish your Daily Quests to claim as much loot as you can, because no Daily Quests will transfer.
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Tower, Trial, Dungeon, Crusade, etc will be derived from the Destination Account
  • If you are a Guild Leader and are transferring, it is highly recommended you designate a new leader before transferring, otherwise your Guild will be forced to strip your leadership themselves.
  • Inform your friends! Your transfer account will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED following the transfer of goods to your Destination Account, and your friend list WILL NOT automatically update.
  • Challenger Arena Leagues will demote the bottom TWO players at a time until the Challenger League size returns to 100 players
  • Regular Arena and Royal Tournament Leagues will merge and split as always after the merge. You may however notice an increase in the amount of splitting/merging while things settle down post merge.
  • Break down any equipped Epic Gear Crystals on any accounts you are transferring out of, as no equipped Epic Crystals will transfer. By breaking them down, you’ll get 50% of the Strength or Vitality back, which can then be transferred.
  • Chat Silences and Bans will carry over and be unchanged

Procedure for Contacting Support

  1. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer your goods into - this will be your DESTINATION account
  2. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer goods OUT of - This is the account that will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED after the transfer is complete.
  3. Submit a ticket to Customer Support with both account ID’s, and carefully indicate which Account ID is the Destination Account (i.e the Account you want to KEEP), and which is the account you’re transferring goods out of. To help us expedite these requests, please include “Account Consolidation Request” at the top of your ticket.
  4. If you have multiple accounts you wish to transfer goods out of, please indicate them all in the same ticket.
  5. We will review requests for multiple transfers on a case by case basis to ensure fairness to all players
  6. Note that this is an IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS, and you will never have access to your retired account again.
  7. Sit back and relax - The Support Agents will process your request as quickly as possible once the server merge is complete.

You must always have been and currently are the sole owner of all involved Accounts.

Server Update 11/1 11:55 CT

Thank you per blue for listening to the requests of your player base.

Part of me is a little tempted by those boosts, but on the whole, my family and my real life will appreciate me being down to two accounts more.

Each successive update in recent times has made little tweaks to improve the game for us.

Keep it up! :wink:


I do have one question.

The locked accounts going to s1.
Will we be able to receive war rewards before we merge, or are they lost to the ether.

I mean, any locked accounts might find that they are removed by guild leaders before the season is over, and they aren’t historically that Great anyway, so isn’t going to change my mind.

Just curious.


All this sound and look very nice.

I have two questions?
Went are we getting brass monk for S3. In shops or in elite of 19 and 20?

And this realasing of chapter 19 and 20 mean. 10lv cap correct?



Would the pace be less intense if cap raise for server 1 were to be pushed back? I see chapter 20 to be released on Oct 17, but it’s not yet available in S1. Why not push that back and make everyone happy?


Added this information to the OP to address questions asked:


Why not on fortress shop. You guys have push to fortress to be a very important part of the game. Player probably will have more token for fortress than for war. Is just a suggestion @Polaris


I for one have more war and crusade tokens than fortress


I don’t see any reason why the server 3 account has to be frozen if a server 1 account is being merged into it


Unless I missed it, are you guys increasing us to level 130?

Also will it be quadruple xp and stamina?


Yes, the Team Level for server 3 will be raised to match server 1.


I’m misunderstanding a few things. Do I need to create an account on S1? Or will my S3 account transfer over? Why did you give S3 second crystals and now say we are going to lose half?


Have you guys thought about the implications this merger and locking of accounts will mean for the guilds on S3? Making people lock their accounts on S3 is going to mean that the guilds on S3 are not going to be able to keep up with crowns in war or portal lords or Guild contests while those accounts are locked.
Lets say that 15 people in my s3 guild want to merge their accounts. That means we will be down by 15 people until after the merge, or we have to kick them and fill up with people that aren’t doing a merge or aren’t up to par.
If we take 15 people out of my Guild we will not be able to rank high in Portal Lords or Guild contest and my rank in war will diminish greatly. That means when we do merge with s1, our war rank is going to be so low, ridiculous.

You have had 2 successful mergers already and now you’re trying to spice things up by screwing over the people on s3 that aren’t merging. S2 JUST merged with s1 and they were allowed to keep both accounts until the merge. If the problem is that you don’t want hoarding to happen, why don’t you cap s1.2 where they are and let us catch up to them at a NORMAL PACE.


Not happy about losing the stored xp, I paid for it why do I lose it?


Items that are equipped to heroes do not transfer. This will give you a chance to transfer some of your crystals.

@Mandarine This merge is different from the one we just did with servers 1 and 2.

This information was posted and discussed in this thread:

This was our original plan for the merge. Some players requested they would prefer the option to consolidate accounts, and would be willing to skip all the bonuses. We have made allowances for those requests. It is not required that players consolidate their accounts - it is an option we are providing.


Other than the new account merging rules, what is different between this server merge and the server merges between s1 & 2 and s4 & 5?
My point is - Why new account merging rules, when the other two were successful as is?
And you didn’t address the issue of all these locked accounts on S3 and making that server basically a ghost town. This will adversely affect the guild rankings and people with no account merge.


The bonuses that s3 will be getting are much, much greater than the bonuses that s5 and s2 got. They don’t want people from s1 farming for bonuses meant to go only to people in s3.


So why not do the merge exactly how they did the others instead of changing it, so people aren’t shafted in the process.


Will there be a double team xp boost included with these other bonuses for s3? With the 4x normal campaign boost, would a double drop item stack with it or are they not useable?


Wow… the complaining and shouting from S1 really helped! Now we are really skr3w3d on S3 in comparison… lol… Guess we are not so important because of our size… Dang! So we get a Hero? Do we get the full sign in value as they got on s1? Or just 10 shards? You also activated 2x drops on S1… so in real we get a handfull of equipment? Lol, lmao… so it matters to complain like a spoiled child…