Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


The consolidation rules you are implementing why are they only positive for S1? Makes no sense to me, but I’m of course allready been called clueless in this thread, soo, but pls if any can give me a clue do so…


I don’t think this has been answered, will we be given quadruple xp and stamina? If not how soon after we will merge are you guys going to move from 130 to 135?

I feel like server one has been there for awhile and is already at the point of moving to 135, I hope you guys plan on keeping us at 130 for the normal amount of time.


You don’t need to do anything, and your account on s3 will stay exactly as is during the merge. The items transferring are only if you want to combine two accounts (s1 and s3 accounts) into one. If you only have an account on s3, everything below “account consolidation details” can be ignored.


I read more closely the 2nd time… there is more than a handfull of equip in it for server3… I’ll shut up from here and looking forward to join s1. Hope S1 are happy too and will just keep my own S1 account as an alt account… because consolidation from S1 to S3 is definately not tempting…


I’m glad that It has clicked for you.
I was one of the people carrying pitchforks to per blue for how they handled this merge.

I am still salty that they ignored how badly s3 was failing, and did not put the required steps in earlier, so that s3 could have merged “normally”

The boosts they are dropping for s3 are damn fine, even for completely f2p.
Plus the boosted rewards for contest, and deals if you are a spender.
And that’s before the “boosts” start…

However, none of That interests me, as I am tired of running multiple Mici.
Which is why this “locking” is a good option for me.

I hope our guild leaders let us stay in the guild for the war season rewards that we contributed to until the lockout, but I’ll cope if I’m kicked.

Looking forward to only actually having accounts that are half decent lol


I hate to sound like a broken record (that’s a lie, I actually love it), but I don’t see the problem with allowing a server 1 account to be consolidated into an unfrozen server 3 account. The only potential problem that I see is that you guys don’t want to receive two waves of consolidation requests, which is completely fair.


The server 3 account would then take complete advantage of the quadruple drops, definitely a good idea on their part.


Why would a level 130 in server 1 have their account deleted and have all items transferred to a level 100?

Receiving the s1 account’s items is nothing compared to the s3 bonuses. Only people who main s3 would have their s1 account consolidated.


We’re at level 125 in server 3 not 100.

Not sure how you can’t possibly think a quadruple drop wouldn’t get taken advantage of.

The question is if you believe what you say, why do you want to do it then?


@Polaris in my understanding we on S3 will have to cover. Two level cap the one from 125 to 130 (chapter 19) and the one that S1 will get on the 17octuber 130 to 135 (chapter 20) correct

By me is cool you are give us a lot of bonus to catch up and try to be on similar or close ground with S1 at the end of the month. Just wanted the confirmation.

Really think you are think on the best way to manage the situation. Maybe the only point of real problem is the account merging. But don’t know wants the big issue if you are on S1 you heroes will probably be more powerful and more level than on S3 and if you are on S3 well you will have the opportunity to get to the same point of S1. Just my way of seeing the stuff.
.thanks for your help and feedback


I don’t understand your point. Are you saying that people who main server 3 shouldn’t take advantage of 4x drop?

I want to consolidate for the same reason everyone in every previous merge has wanted to consolidate: It would be easier to play one character per server rather than two.


I’m saying a p2p player could take huge advantage to it, stop their server 1 account then move it over.

The quadruple drop is more for the f2p and less intensive p2p player


If the person has essentially quit the guild already, why would they be kept?


Recognition of the help they had been up to that point?
Just generally being a nice person?
Acknowledgment of their input?
It’s not like the war season started on Wednesday 17th October.
And it’s not like the guild has to replace the leaving member, if they are at 45 members and don’t have to be 40 until 10am CST November 2nd, when merge takes place October 31st.


So would s3 guilds just stop being competitive until the end of the season? I know as a guild leader (not on s3) this would have been a difficult position to be put in. Hard to win wars without the ap. But maybe I’m just not understanding the current state of s3.


This is exactly part of the problem Jenni.
Because some guilds will have 45 members, some will have less than that. We don’t have enough players on s3 to replace those that would have their accounts frozen.
This means that the guilds with people that are freezing their accounts would be forced into being less competitive, due to the shortage of hitters and AP. The guilds without people freezing their accounts will have an advantage.
And after the merge the War Ranks will be botched up because s3 guilds have to deal with this disadvantage, and the guilds on s1 do not.


War side of it is not a huge issue in my opinion, only affects first match or two and overall standings wont be hugely affected. The average of frozen account should be similar across most competitive guilds so handicap should even out?


I couldn’t see it in the notes, but if you freeze and consolidate, do stam packs carry over with your inventory items?


Yes - those are consider consumables.


That’s fab. Thanks :blush: