Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


We’ve had to make a small change to the schedule for the merge. This has been updated in the OP:

  • The merge will take place on Thursday, November 1.
  • The next season of Guild War will begin Monday, November 5.


@Polaris so I have a concern about jumping from level cap 125 to 135. I appreciate the stamina to level up quicker but that stamina only equals one level.

Will we be at cap 135 for awhile or will it be the usual amount of time? I question it only because we technically aren’t ready for one cap raise and I’m concerned I’ll now always be behind since I usually reach cap with about a week before a cap raise.


Both servers 1 and 3 will be raised to TL 135 with the update this week. Once that is in place, we won’t do another TL raise for a bit. I can’t give the timeline exactly, but we’ll look at player progress and the status of things before we do another raise for server 1.

Update 2.14.1 Patch Notes

If two server three accounts are being consolidated are they both frozen? @Polaris


Yes. No doubling up on speedup free stuff!


@Polaris Well shouldn’t one stay open? Only reason I’m asking is when I sent a message I was told both would be frozen. If I can’t fast forward one of the two accounts, there would be no reason to do it.


Ok, got some clarification, and if you want to just consolidate server 3 accounts, your destination account can remain available - you’ll be able to participate in the catch up. The others will need to be frozen to prevent hoarding of freebies. You will not be able to consolidate that server 3 account into a server 1 account later.

All consolidation requests must be submitted by 10 AM Wednesday (tomorrow).


Will consolidations of two server 3 accounts be done now or after the merge?


After the merge. That will let players who want to collect war season rewards.


Thank you…


The update is scheduled for when?


Scroll up!

Oh go on then.
Today accounts freeze with update normal time as far as we have heard.
Merge happens Oct 31, with next update.
Accounts defrosted.
Claim your rewards now, if guilds haven’t kicked.
Consolidation Nov 1.


Server 3 - yesterday you all received Forgotten Champion in a mail message. We’ll be doing a server update today to make him show up in your hero list.


I knew and said in previous comments that these guys are gonna sew s3

It seems that WISHES COME TRUE.


On server 2 I don’t remember getting free stuff to catch up with server 1.

If it’s any consolation 2 more guild members quiting or going free to play because they can’t keep up.


I used 36k raid tickets and 8k stamina and still have 70 gear to get for 0+8 to be maxed for all heros. Ran out of raid tickets. That has never happened to me on any other update. I should however get them all done before merge. Probably spent 8hrs straight of just grinding so far. I think only 2 people have finished all gear on s3 so far


Thats because s3 is way younger than s2 relative to s2 is as compare to s1


Oh well! It seems that someone from perblue just
Woke up and read my posts.but hidding them will not change the truth


Cmon lockhart, everything is good for you.


The whole point of the account freezing is so that server one players don’t take advantage of it, the only reason they are giving out the free stuff is to allow S3 to catch up, what’s the point in doing it if S1 players can take advantage of it too?