Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


Well first my s3 account is 108 whereas s1 is just 21.
Secondly, imagine a person spent 100 dollar on both of his accounts,so after the merge both of his 100s will make 200 whereas in case of perspn with account on just s3 is going to keep his 100 and also get some bonus and whereas if you go back to other scnerio of two accounts the person on s3 merging s1 into s3 will not get any additional bonus and will just get his spent money together but nothing to catch up on s3 like other players are getting for free.

The whole point was why the people with s3 as main account who want to merge s1 account into s3 are losing there rewards ,only if the situation is as i think with rewards

I will say you should look at the facts and math first


The contest rewards in server 3 are identical to the contest rewards in server 1. Is there any particular reason for this?


Well first my S1 account is 130 whereas s3 is just 50. Secondly, imagine if I merge my s3 account to my s1 account, do you really think it’s fair to s3 players who haven’t got alts that I get all of this free stuff to add to my s1 account just because I have a s3 account which I’ve hardly touched?

The whole point is why the people with s1 as a main account can get all of this free stuff because they have a s3 account, only if you understood the situation…

I will say you should look at the facts and math first.

In all seriousness I reckon s3 shouldn’t be given all of these bonuses and be allowed to merge without the accounts freezing.


Well! I think your whole attention was at how i wrote instead of what i point is that am merging s1 into s3 not s3 to s1.s1 accounts for everyone is working but s3 is frozen,so i wont get any stuff on s3 even though its my main account and i want keep this one and delete s1 .this whole situation is reverse of what you wrote


@Polaris is no one going to answer my question raised in above conversations?


The problem with that is how would the devs know what your s1 account is like, it could be LVL 135 or 35, and saying they should check is a complete waste of their time when instead they could be fixing bugs and whatnot instead of checking hundreds of merge requests. It’s about people taking advantage of the free stuff they are giving away and they are not/don’t have the time to check every account to see if they are being truthful.

Endnote - they are giving you FREE stuff to catch up with s1, you had the option to take that OR merge with you s1 account, not both.


How my account is like isnt the issue,it could be anything but the problem is that if every s3 account is getting bonuses than why not the one that were frozen,am not merging my s3 to s1 so there is not point in assuming that s1 player is getting bonuses because in actual situation s1 is merging into s3 so it should be perfectly genuine


Btw! I cant see anything like choosing between two things in the info and neither it can be concluded from whats written there in the update info,so dont really know where you getting the facts from!


I have made a request to permanently delete my one account and will do the other one too as soon as it comes back.Thank god all i spent were 6 free google credit on this game


Farewell Felicia! :slight_smile:


@Polaris so the quadruple drop isn’t going to be active for the entire duration up to the merge?


You do realise you could just uninstall the game… You don’t need them to delete you


I think they’re gonna play it by ear and wait to see if other bonuses are needed.


Yup but without deleting the account , there is always a possibility of me coming back as i spent so much effort on the game but once it get deleted everything will just RIP


The problem they are going to run into is the p2p players already took full advantage but f2p need it the whole time. We’re doing 2 months of gameplay in 2 weeks and you know they will still raise the cap to 140 at the usual pace.


How are we supposed to level up this fast with no extra gold or xp?


The concern I have is for the f2p guys in server 1.

They’ve never had these bonuses, when the servers merge there is no doubt in my mind that the f2p guys from server 3 will be miles ahead of those in server 1


How do you figure? Only had quadruple drops for a couple days. How is a f2p suppose to do 10 levels in a couple days? Most f2p will be lucky to be at 130 by the merge.

If we didn’t merge, we wouldn’t even have a cap raise to 130 yet.


If only per blue had slowed / stopped s3 cap raises when merges were first announced and it was clear s3 was in the worst shape of all servers from the get go.

I won’t dig out the old posts where I listed warring guilds totals…

But we could have waited for s4 to catch us up.
Then this wouldn’t be so messed up.

S1 rightly miffed that we are getting free stuff to help catch up.
S3 rightly miffed that we are in no way ready to join this much older server.

Only happy person here is me.
Cos I get all the stuff I’ve been stockpiling on s3 for months since the first merge announcement, and get to give it to my s1 account.

And I get to stop having to do so many dailies.
So so so so many dailies…


Samesies, though I’d’ve been in better shape if we merged down to 4. At least they gave us the account merge option in the end