Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


@Polaris went and how we can catch up with S1 on forgotten champion. We can only get sharps of this by sign in. Some player of S1 alredy have it 5stars. What’s your plan with this heroe on S3


We (s1) can only get him in sign in too. Players that have him 5 :star:️ spent money on the deals for his hero shards. PB shouldn’t be giving you freebies on that hero except maybe running his deal more frequently so your players can spend and catch up.


How’s that possible when he’s only sign in there too? He’s not in gold chests on either server.


PB ran deals with Forgotten Champ. Other than the sign-in rewards, paying actual $$ is the only way to get his shards.


You started a double team exp in the campaigns in server 3 soon after the announcement, but that event ended just before the increase from 125 to 135. Why? You gave server 3 level 135 about 1.5 months early, but you only gave them about a week of boosted experience (which did not run at the same time as the 4x drop). Spenders who were making the most out of 4x drop were going to reach the cap regardless; low-spenders had to decide whether to blow their stamina packs on team exp or gear from the promised 4x drop.

Why couldn’t you leave the double team exp on until the day of the merge?


We’ve sent server 3 players 36 Forgotten Champion Hero Shards since they won’t get him as a sign-in hero.

The Double Team XP event should be up soon, and is intended to run up until the merge next week.


But what about the fact that even with a 2x gold cosumable its not possible to keep up with the amount of gold it cost to make gear and level skills?


Thanks @LoOLoO and @Bubbles_II for the reply and also @Polaris for the feedback.

That sound good. I was not sure how, you guys on S1 get him 5star I was thinking that in S1 was in gold chest.


Update! We’ve been watching the data, and server 3 is progressing nicely to reaching our benchmarks for the merge with server 1.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 23) we will be turning off Quadruple Campaign Drops, and replacing it with Double Campaign Drops. We will be closely monitoring the data, and if this slows things down too much, we’ll adjust again.


@Polaris clearly the answer is triple drops! :wink:


Merge updates!

Guild War
With this being the third merge involving server 1, we recognize war ranking has gotten a little wonky. In order to resolve this we’re going to do a soft reset on war. All guilds will be adjusted to have between 100 and 1 crowns, based on complicated spellcraft responsible data analysis of their previous crown levels.

Pre-Merge Droppaplooza!
Friday (October 26), 9AM CT to Monday (October 29) 9AM CT, Servers 1 and 3 will have Quadruple Normal Campaign Drops to celebrate the upcoming server merge.


Quad drops!!!
Thank you very much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Complicated spellcraft… everything makes sense now😊


Can I have 2500 stamina packs for the quad event? I just spent 5k stamina packs with double drop active and have nothing left for quad event :frowning:


I was in a similar situation.
Had used 1333 packs getting to cap.

Two solutions

  1. Spend money
  2. Get someone to spend money to gift you a deal

If these can’t happen

  1. Just do what you can
  2. Rage quit


Rage quit is tempting. Sick of trying to keep up


@Polaris account consolidation when? I’m getting no response via tickets


24 hours after the merge - so starting now! The team will try and get through all the consolation requests today!


The merge + update hurt S3 players because of the honors require useless heroes to be promoted to get essence to honor the meta heroes.

Max days for S3 is 414. I’ve seen a player with 571 days.

We didn’t have enough x4 for the F2P or the limited budget players.

That type of update was horrible. As a player. I’m good because I put the cash in it. As a leader I’m a little dissapointed and my members are getting discouraged about promoting heroes that was left behind.

My choices was to promote Ginger, Mohawk or Skullbuster. Like seriously?!? I had to go Ginger and Skull. Waste of money to build 2 honors. Ginger and Mohawk aren’t even Epic heroes.

I hope to find essence in the up comming contests.

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Ginger is an epic hero.
Just saying :slight_smile: