Servers 1 and 3 merge - updated information!


Ah thx. I never even noticed. Interesting :thinking:.


Yes totally understand the feeling @Raptor_II. Many in our guild are stay way behind because. They had very good 20 to 25 heroes. But all other are far behind and it is impossible or very difficult (expensive) for them to promote to get th e essences to build up the honor. Class.

And the honor classes are definitely a big game changer (what is cool) but PQ have to find a way to get everyone inboard of this because if not many player will be leaving. Because is not fun for them or can not get in there normal rate of participation op not wars. For example.

This new stuff is great but are making a greater bridge between P2P player and medium to F2P player.

Because they all have to make the difficult gathering to promote all th way to 8 level of Orange to get one essences.