Severe contest issue

It’s gonna be hard as hay to get rank rewards now. About three months ago on server eleven, I was about 30th in the contest, which then was top 1%. Today, my about 30th rank is top 5%. If this keeps going it will be impossible to get good contest rank rewards unless you’re one of the top players pooping out millions of stamina packs every minute



That would make Portal Lords better, it’s hard to give skins to toons that are good on all servers without Axe, Brogue, Wander, Punk, ect. Having a million skins. So they just give up and give us owl bear skins. Hopefully ascension kinda fixes this, by having toons useful on 11 be useful on one and eight too.

Let’s go lightly as Fauci advises and make servers A and B first. If the attrition goes down we can then proceed to the Trump plan of full unity :grin:

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