Shall I start over?

Howdy, I started yesterday but didn’t find the ‘guide’ by @Sticker_Warchief until after my team was past 20. Ive only spent minimally so its ok, I am just curious if it may be best. Feral/storm are all skill 24, hex is 10/24. Also, what server should I pick? I think I read 1 is best. Maybe @Lexi_II @SativaSavvy, you may have some insight?

Starting over now doesn’t really give you any benefits. Your choices up to now might slow you down a little now, but once you reach higher team levels the amount of resources you spent up till now become basically worthless anyway.

The server you choose depends on how you like to play. If you choose one of the newer servers, you’ll hit the level cap quite soon and then it’s just ‘update - upgrade - wait - repeat’. If you want to keep progressing at a steady pace (and don’t necessarily want to easily reach the top) you can pick a higher server, as those players are already way ahead of you.

A reason not to pick S1 especially is that it’s kind of like the beta server. We get the newest features first, but we also get the bugs that weren’t found in the testing by PB.

For example, when we first had war, there was no donation cap, and mage towers were way too weak. Since there were litterally zero losses, the first guild to get enough attack points would win. For top guilds, some wars were over within 5 minutes.

I personally don’t mind being part of the ‘beta server’, but you might want to consider this point.


Also, if you don’t want to spend some money, I guess server 1 or 2 might not be the best choice, since I’m not sure if you might ever be able to reach max level due to level cap raises

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Yeah, I agree with them. Server 1 is considered the beta one, you get to test everything first, but there are tons of bugs that you get to deal with (I still haven’t got responses to quite a few tickets I sent in).

I’ll agree with the money thing too, if you’re not patient enough to lvl without spending. I do alright with the $3 diamond deal, but I’m also in a good arena right now, and I get 100+ diamonds everyday (to which I spend on Stamina).

As for starting over: I don’t know what server you’re on, but you can level to 20 pretty quickly, so if you do decide to do it, do it soon. I don’t think it’s necessary though, you could always make an additional account on another server to try new things out.

Heros: Do what you can with the ones you got until you get the ones you want. You can’t have all the good heroes right away, but when you do get a good one, make sure you focus 100% on that one before the others.

If you do want to start over, server 5 will go live in about 20 minutes so you’ll be level with everyone else


First off, welcome to the game, and the community!

I was also going to suggest starting on server 4 or 5. Just so there wouldn’t be such a large gap between you and the people who are at the highest level. It makes it easier to be competitive.

As for heroes, I’ve found in my opinion, they come pretty easily. You don’t have to be a big spender to get them. It’s just about utilizing the ones you have, and pairing skills accordingly. You can get Hex Witch fairly early (once you unlock Crusade) and she is my personal favorite.

Good luck!


I agree with above. Make an account on server 4 pref 5 to be able to reach higher arena and get better daily rewards :slight_smile:


Oh and one more thing: I recommend to work on 1 or 2 heroes you like at the time, not on all at once, since you won’t be able to get them all maxed out all the time before your team level increases again.


Yeh, and preferably Frontline heroes (or really favorable backlines), a good, strong Frontline is important.

I am ok with spending some money but I spent a decent bit on s4 already and some folks convinced me to stay so I will just keep pushing here. Thank you for the warm welcome and feedback @SativaSavvy @Helios @Violet_Green @Lexi_II @I_Pet_Goats


Awesome deal! Good luck, buddy!

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Some money - probably 2000 dollars on server 1 to reach max lvl :stuck_out_tongue: and i dont think it will be enough really.

So better stick with a new server and montly VIP :slight_smile: