Shards Not Being Given


Despite my best efforts, thousands of stamina and diamonds spent on this level, I can’t seem to get any shards for the hero. :sob:

I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I need my street lamp hero!



You have to use a full team of level 64s and let them 4 of them die from the enemy. Only then, can you start getting those Lantern shards.


I’ve heard of some sort of secretive method like that… But it can’t be that method! For not everyone has a team full of level 64s. They already have all heroes maxed!


Duh, you need special lantern keys from endless dungeon first.:joy::joy::joy:


Sounds like a rather mythical item if you ask me. I’ve heard of some special unicorn toon in the depths of the dungeon, but never before have I heard of lantern keys!

No, there must be something more to this than I’m initially seeing. We must analyze the situation further… we’ll eventually get to the bottom of it just like we did with the secret of the guild war sheep.


My Lantern is 5 stars already. How could u miss that one out hahahah


I dunno man. He’s such a neglected hero, I never see anyone using him.


You need to sell your soul to the war sheep in order to be able to get lantern keys. In regular PQ mode these are invisible though, so you also gotta click your Account ID seven times to turn on advanced mode and to see lantern keys.

Then you can choose to use a lantern key when playing the level. I believe the shard drop rate is 1 percent chance per lantern key used.

But I don’t recommend getting him, he became really useless after they nerfed him in 1.7.


Actually the lantern hero reduces torch spending in dungeon. Passive skill. I yhink its skill nr 2.

Really handy



I’ve managed to finally get a few shards! Can’t wait till I have enough to fully summon!


Petition to rename the item Knight Light!

Forget frights, your knight light shall fight the night!

Edit: Credit to @Jenk for the name.


Knight Light for the win!!!


Okay, completely new idea! What if the lamp post hero is exclusively found in and used in dungeon? For example, maybe we could find shards for it in endless like pony (or in all dungeons). We could still level it and give it stars (no gear), but not actually use it to fight. As we level it and give it stars, it could provide us with some type of dungeon only benefit. Perhaps, it could drop dungeon consumables or maybe just reduce torch need or increase drops without it being a timed consumable. Possibly add something else completely new (that I can’t think of)! What do you guys think?


This thing was apparently released ages ago:


Yeppers! As a joke. Lolol


This thread…
Either there’s too much faith in an April fools false truth or the tide Pods were well and truly digested chasing the lamp :joy::joy:

I love lamp :heart_eyes:


Or they just all being sarcastic and having fun :o


There’s a guy in that thread that has it, and I distinctly remember an arena fight with two satyr foxes, one of whom was sitting on a lamp eating something.


Probably eating grapes,lol