Shark Hero Time

So it’s that time again
Let’s get creative with hero’s designs

We need a shark in game. Way overdue tbh

Sea czar tells me he hasn’t got much life left in him after all the portal Lords battles and wants to pass on his legacy to a younger stronger shark
Any of you at perblue know who he is on about?
I’ve not yet caught a glimpse of this majestic beast although he has been sighted in the stamp sets

With all the shark affiliated guilds we’ve had in pq its about time we give them what they want

Do the right thing guys and gals :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


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Left shark or right shark?

Left shark all day long

Baby shark

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Snarky shark…spitting out a hook

Shark bait!!!

Yall are hooked on a shark booooyahhhhh

How big?
How mighty?
What skills do they possess?

Legendary awesome super skilled decimator of a hero

(added hype in my wording for effect) :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smile:


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Shark hero!!!

Make it happen please




Shark hero is overrated

Pfft! Give the Sharkies what they want, Its not a request for organ donations, dannng! :joy::joy:

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How about a CardShark with a Top Hat & Tails holding a cane. :slight_smile:


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Gonna need a bigger boat…for all these silly toons…especially with lardos like Happy about