Shield & green bubble


I see it and the green comes around it saying immune. No idea what it is called. Who or how do you kill it? I loose every battle with it.


There are three types of this opponent.
One is immune to fury damage.
One immune to focus
One immune to finesse.

The way to defeat them?
Bring a mixed team of heroes to the fight.

Who are you using, and are they all / mostly one aspect?


Mici you might know this… the three shield guys are immune to one aspect and resistant to another, do you know which aspect they are resistant to? Example, immune to fury resistant to ?


Immune to fury, resistant to finesse.

IIRC :wink:

Immune to focus, resistant to fury.
Immune to finesse, resistant to focus.

If I’m wrong, just presume I said pfft when you post below.

Can I heck as like get this to say immune and resist at the same time lol.
But yeah.


Hahaha… Thanks… been guessing the same but always good to have some confirm or at least think the same :blush:


I ran chapter 8 level 1 with grizz and brute, and as you see grizz and noob, to confirm.

Grizz immune
Noob resist
Brute clean hit
On a finesse shield.


Immune to type they’re strong against, resistant to the type that they are

It’s ridiculous that perblue hasn’t released this hero to us and given him an epic.


Red bubble is fury, green bubble is focus, blue bubble is fitness. So if your attacking green bubble you need fury and fitness in your team.
Hope this helps you out to learn more of the Dungeon.


I’ll make this as clear as possible:

Focus > Finesse > Fury > Focus

Green = Focus, Blue = Finesse, Red = Fury

It’s just like the Pokemon types: grass > water > fire > grass

Red Shield Grunt = Fury Shield: immune to focus (since Fury > Focus), full finesse damage (Since Fury < Finesse), resists fury

Green Shield Grunt = Focus Shield: resists focus, immune to finesse, full fury damage

Blue Shield Grunt = Finesse Shield: full finesse damage, resists finesse, immune to fury


Sheild grunt is wat it is called


Green immune focus red fury blue finesse


Thank you all. I think I understand now.