Shield Maiden on S7


What is the likelihood of going through 106 gold chests and not getting the new hero? Is Shield Maiden super G 14 classied or just as rare as kryptonite?


You’re just unlucky, I easily open under 10 chests and get the new heroes



It’s not like the new heroes are any more likely to be obtained than the old ones.


Also, at 7 shards a time…
She’s so not worth it.

Wait a month.
Farm her then.


This seems like the best option. Opened 6 more today and not eve 1 shard for SM.


Maiden is one of the best fronts…
How you unlock should be cost effective don’t waste on chests unless you need multiple heros from them.
If you only need one hero why waste a valuable resource :innocent::kissing_heart:


I opened 145 gold chests and only got 2 or 3 brass monk shards lol