Shining guardian too weak in health

Ok I didn’t find this until I forge its epic skill.
By damaging the enemies the guardian gets lots of threat at the beginning and then often becomes a target of enemies’ skills.
120 HP at Orange2 can stand just 0 second under attack. It usually dies in the first few combats of the dungeon. Even if it’s revived, it dies again very soon.

Now what can I do? Is there a way to close its epic skill??

Wait …

Your enemies make it onto the screen?

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It’s a shame there isn’t some feature in epic dungeon through which you can increase the base health of a hero by 5.

I know right.
You have to do it in tens :wink:


I found something new. The guardian does get much threat by damaging enemies. But it dies because of some other reason. A reason that we don’t know yet.

So this mysterious thing is causing Destruction on a Massive scale.

Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out.

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