Shop diamond refunds


So, 11 days ago i accedentally bought items in the dragon shop for 1250, thinking i was buying the items below it for gold. It was an honest mistake, made in a moment of simply being a bit too tired. pretty sure that can happen to anyone.

once i realized my mistake i made a support ticket, afterall, those items in the dragon shop are horribly overprized and i believe that no-one in the right mind would ever concider buying them.

So, after waiting 11 days to get my ticket served, i get a short message saying "sales are final, nothing we can do"
Now, if i wanted gold back, i could understand…
But 1250 diamonds is close to 22 euro. That’s an insane amount to begin with, let alone to spend on an item that can easely be obtained by raiding some campaign level a few times.

I hate to say it, but it really feels like my money was taken with one hand and the other hand gave me the middle finger.
i sure as hell do not feel like a valued custmer.
Needless to say, i will never spend anything on this game again.

So, here’s my sugestion: Actually help people in the future that make a mistake like this, create a way to refund an amount of diamonds when it is clearly spend by mistake.


Been there
Done that
Got the same reply :frowning:

I still believe everyone should get one chance at this, and then mark it against their account , so you can’t keep doing it.

I was grateful that they sorted the shops into gold and diamond sections to make it harder to do this.
Still not quite hard enough I guess…