Shop refreshments

For a couple of months (~4) most token shops haven’t been changed. I refer to server 1, but I think all the servers are the same in this.

Would be nice to give the shops a refresh. Can someone of the Dev team respond on this… never get a respons on these feedback topics…


More specific which shop

Guild shop, your guild changes it
Merchant changes everyday, 3 times
The token shops switches sometimes

I bet it’s fortress, arena, crusade & tournament :wink:

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Reps in leader chat have been asking for this for a long time. Agree it is so needed. But please don’t take out errant :slight_smile:

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Token shops, edited :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s been a while since the last switch :sweat_smile:

This is more strike worthy than the deals.

No effing way I’m stopping buying errant shards though :wink:

Let’s expand the strike to all servers then. We must unite :crazy_face:

I’ll take a Dr. Pepper please. :grin::yum:


I mean…
What’s the worst thing that could happen?

What ever happened to the new heroes going into the shops. Now it seems every time we get a new hero they’re either in elite on 3 missions only or in the gold chests. Ppl have 100’s of thousands of tokens with nothing to spend them on. Maybe rotate some cosmetic items through there or some hero essences. Price them accordingly and don’t allow them to be refreshed. Or offer more than 10 torches again price accordingly.