Shops are broken

SO today on my s11 account I went into my shops and saw that 2 murse scraps was priced at 19 diamonds but a full murse item was over over 600 gems. What a scam! Firstly, 600 for just a purple item? I could get items far more useful for 150 gems in the diamond shop and a purple item is worth 4 times that? And the economy here is broken. So if it costs 20 scraps to craft a murse, and one murse scrap is valued at 9.5 gems, a murse is valued at 190 gems. So why is it being sold at 600? I know this is a nitpicky rant but seriously wth.

Edit: I found 1 murse scap in my shop today for 9 gems. What.

Because buying 2 scraps per item would take you over a month just to get one nurse at least.

Oorrr you can get it in one purchase… for a price

Buuut it’s still a small bit dumb, I gotta say haha

Fair point

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