Shops- Tell us what you think!

We’re interested to know what players think about the different Portal Quest shops. This feedback will be used in helping us assess their current value and usefulness from the players’ perspective, and showing us where we can make targeted improvements.

For reference,

Diamond Shop
Crusade Shop
Arena Shop
Fortress Shop
War Shop
Royal Tournament Shop
Honor Shop
Dragon Shop
Trade Ship

It’s especially helpful for us to get answers for the questions below, but all feedback is welcome. You don’t have to limit your responses to these questions.

  1. Do you make a lot of purchases in the shops?
  2. What would you like to see changed about them?
  3. Are the Dragon Shop and Trade Ship worth unlocking permanently?

Archived gold cosmetics in the honour shop please

And lots of Mo things :slight_smile:

  1. No (characters)
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More variety and cheaper price

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  1. I buy stamina when it’s offered and once in a while some shards from guild shop.

  2. I would like the guild shop too either lower the price or possibility to earn more than 3200 scrips/day.
    I would like to see the faction chests in diamond shop.

  3. No and I really can’t see the point of locking them from the beginning.


More quantities, more variety. Enchanting boons would be nice, and a guild shop cost reduction, or a higher daily donation to Scrip limit. Something raid tickets could be spent on, maybe a cosmetics only store as an idea

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For gold skins that are outta loot pool to help complete sets of perhaps


Wiz said it better

I rather u take the max script donation outta guild shop what 3k script a day gonna buy u 5 shards a week. Pointless Change it to unlimited script a day and that shop will be the busy thing in the game


No point in locking shops,would rather keep the diamonds.More choices in all shops,especially crusade, have cash and nothing to spend it on.Would be nice to choose what I want rather than having to pick from a few items offered.

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PS agree with molland on script donations.

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I would like it if the game what happened date the crusades any arena I think we could do a lot more with that it’s too easy to be bet you can go up to Challenger and that’s as far as you can go crusades same way at my level I can be bet them with no problem I would like a new level put on please my name is King James these are my thoughts thank you and have a good day

  1. Depends… not the adult diaper kind… i do use them for things i need…

  2. All Refresh TWICE A DAY… Also stock more needed items (get rid of hero shards, get enough in chests), and more STAMINA and Honor Tokens

  3. Only if we get our Diamonds Back for unlocking…

Dragon and Trade shops are worth the unlocks. The one thing that should change. After you spend a couple hundred buckz for the required VIP level… You shouldn’t have to then spend diamonds which you just for some from your $ spent. One VIP requirement in achieved, each shop then should have a total amount of Diamonds needed to be spent… But spent on whatever via the actual shop… So you don’t burn a n amount on nothing or to open shop… You can get a lot of stamina items for the prices of esch

  1. Yes I do decent shopping in Merchant, Firtress, Crusade, Dragon, Trade, Honor, and Diamond. Don’t buy in the others because u don’t give enough coins one buy of scripts and u run out.
  2. Cheapest price or give more coins on Arena, Royal and War.
  3. It’s expensive to unlock but has its pros and cons. If u would ask me if I would unlock again probably would say no.

Guild shop

  • all leaders able to use guild influence, instead of war chiefs having to use their own diamonds.
  • lower prices or higher donation limit

Trade and dragon really what is the use of them being locked.

I use all shops everyday if I have the required tokens

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Have More VARIETY Of Special Items Needed For Cheaper Prices, More Often. It Is Worth It, During Competitions Or Contests… More Improvements In WAR…For Defenses Offenses Guild Upgrades!

Enchantment relics,more xp

  1. Do you make a lot of purchases in the shops?
    No. I buy stam and xp from diamond shop once a day (if it is there), and anything I need from the honor shop.
  2. What would you like to see changed about them?
    The ability to buy multiples of things and not have to refresh etc constantly. I have several hundred thousand tokens of different types…and I do not want to spend hours refreshing to buy small amounts of things. Please allow bulk buy or something, so I can spend 50k or 100k tokens at a time and be done with it.
  3. Are the Dragon Shop and Trade Ship worth unlocking permanently?
    No, I do not really use either at all any more. Could probably get rid of them all, along with the guild shop and combine them into just one merchant or something. The amounts to purchase really are useless for S1, except for some resources in the diamond shop. Everything else is pretty much "meh, can’t be bothered to purchase 100 x 5 shards too give a toon a 5th star or epic etc"

I think we work hard enough donated and getting getting money for the guild shop without having to add on hundred or thousands of diamonds too. I only ever use it to get points for donating I have well over 100,000 and will never use any of it.

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