Should we have a button in guild shop to donate 3000 scrips

Do u think we should have a button to donate 3000 scrips in the guild shop

  • :yes:
  • :no:

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  • raise max to at least 5k
  • leave at 3k

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I would even like to be able to donate as many as u like as well not just 5k

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might be slightly over the top :kissing_heart:

I’m too lazy to relearn how to do polls, butttttttt…

OP made this poll, just to get a badge.

( ) Yes

( ) Definitely

( ) I blame Bob

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  • yes
  • definitely
  • I blame bob

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@Pixie_Mici :wink:

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How about having a maxed out indicator (end arrow) that just won’t let you donate more than the max?

You are far too kind.

And yes, I blamed Bob

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