Shout Out To PerBlue


Thank you Portal Quest! I love your tactics in game specially Christmas and New Years giveaway to player!


Hey everybody.
I’ve found the unjaded pq player!
Do I get a medal?


Ill give you standing ovation! If your not a troll of PerBlue.


If I was a troll of per blue , I wouldn’t be running my own game down lol

I am not a secret employee.
Although it is worrying just how many people have suggested that I am.

I think my current “gosh this game is broken” spate of posting has lowered peoples belief lol


I have to admit that I am enjoying the game again, now most of my heroes are through that nightmare which is orange +8


Who knows?if your a troll.


Well now I am questioning my whole existence


Heeeeeeyy… I didn’t get anything… where’s my stuff?! Is this because I’m Pastafarian? No fair!!