Shrine with same buff twice


I dont think the shrine is supposed to hold two of the same buff - like this:

Please fix :slight_smile:


You have to report bugs in game, as the forums are only for discussion - devs/mods don’t check for bug reports on here.

To report a bug in game, do this:
From the main menu, click your hero portrait, scroll down, click support, and then bug report.


Do you copy and paste this? :joy:


Seeing the same thing and all of the good upgrades are either no longer showing up or gone! Haven’t seen a +hp or +attack, was getting +energy gain for a while but now all that remains are the almost worthless temporary options that last for 1 floor. Just in time for a dungeon contest weekend too!


I had the same… reported with a screenshot on Feb. 8th… no reply from support on the ticket. I guess it isn’t very important. @Ironangel


Thrice. But i liked it hahaha.


Hint, hint…

@Ruffriders23 In my experience, they always reply to bug reports. Maybe they had a lot of tickets which postponed it until after the weekend? I do know they reply based on how long ago they were sent - not based on importance.


You have a WhatsApp message


Lol thanks for the heads up


Dungeon shrines have a upper limit now. It used to be a limit on vision and the increased shrine option to 4. Other than that it wasnt any limit at all.

Now most shrines have a cap.
Vision is 9-10
Damage boosters at 100 i think.

So eventually you will end up with global vision, chest untrappers, revives, etc.

Thats why it is repeating some options :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like a limit would be okay if the enemies stopped getting tougher as you go deeper. After going 20 floors with no HP/Damage boosts it is getting tougher, more of a slog, and annoying. It’s bad enough you have to babysit Epic dungeon- Endless was supposed to be the relaxing one!