Sign in hero for March?

What’s going on with the March sign in hero? Tabbigail again? That can’t be right?

It will change in one hour


If you wore pants, they would be on fire.

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Why? The sign-in is in the heroic chests as the daily sign-in, no?

You win, as I don’t have the energy to argue the toss

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The sign in hero should be in the daily sign in box, and it isn’t. Yes you can get it else where but the point is it’s not where it’s supposed to be and some other hero is.

Wrong again

It’s still 4 days away calm down.

I was literally right though. The sign-in changed

Technically you are wrong here too

Point me at the bit where she’s the sign in hero.

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Oh… Wait…

You can’t

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Grimelda is available on the server.
Which means she is eligible to be in heroic chests.

That doesn’t make her the sign in hero @WizarteroX

(I’ve had coffee now, so have more energy!)

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