"Sign in" hero... really?


Oh? You meant “Sign in” with your credit card details…?

I get it now…
Release the angry mob!!



I don’t have that pic, but you’re so right.

Im not a f2p Player, but this is a slap in the face of everyone trying to keep up with little or no money…

I really don’t get why this is necessary. We (meaning me and the other p2p players) would have bought that pack no matter what after everyone!!! Got this hero through sign in.

That’s the overall part.

Now the personal part. Im ok with paying for a game that I like. But what I really don’t like is to feel like a cow you guys are milking.



This isn’t a f2p game…


It was…
The first week when the game released


it is a ftp game…with options to pay for certian things…the issues are that p2p can advance faster than f2p. they should not be made to play together. a f2p will never catch up to a p2p…or the p2p cant purchase items that allow them to advance so far in game.


As I once heard it said “free to play with an encouragement to donate” :wink: Nuttin’ personal just business. But unless you have no competitive drive, it gives reason to the thought “why not purchase a PC game or play only against the AI?”! Hopeless or frustrated is no way to game!