Simple Game Etiquette


You should not be playing any game until you understand etiquette. You should not knock someone out of a promotion spot when they are within an hour or 2 of advancing. Let them advance, then make your attack.


You should not be playing any game until you understand competition. You should not feel you are owed a promotion simply because your timer is within an hour or 2 of advancing. Hold your defense, then promote.


I’ve had that happen to me numerous times. It sucks yes, but it is a competition.


It’s called arena…
Do you think the lion’s in Rome gave a hoot about the gladiators feelings…
Nope they went for the kill


I’m on the competitive guys’ side. But the point @my_team might be trying to make is a good one… If you want to get out of a strong league more easily, don’t shoot down the people who almost promote… Let them promote so there’s more chance you’ll be the next one. If nobody ever won an attack (everyone surrendered before winning) everyone would promote (except for the last player as they are the best to attack for unranked players in this system). The only thing that keeps players in an arena is their incapability to work together or efficiently.


One person got the point. It makes it easier to let them promote


i’m on the fence on that i’m all about sportsmanship but i fail to see how it makes it easier to allow someone you can beat to promote… and it is a competition so if you want to attack someone in the top spot that opponent should be able to defend that spot if he deserves to promote… tho some players seem to wait till the timer is within a couple of hours to attack and that’s poor sportsmanship. i guess tho so is complaining about being knocked down from top spot instead of giving kudos to the one who beat you lol it’s kinda like not counting the goal in a hockey game cause it was scored in the last 5 seconds


Allowing others to promote makes it easier as that person has not a lot of their timer left, which means they’ll attack you again if you take their spot. Since they were in that first spot, they can probably beat you as well. That’s how an arena becomes a place where everyone is just trying to get to the top spot, with the result that no one can hold it.

If people are knocked out of the top 5, the time they spent in there is wasted as their counter will go up again. To avoid such waste and to make promoting in an arena as efficient as possible, no one should attack the top 5 besides those already in the top 5.


so in a competition where everyone is supposed to try to get in front of the others. you would like them to not do so… interesting concept… i wonder if we could try that in guild wars


If you think about it for a few minutes you’d realise that it’s indeed the easiest way to get the biggest amount of people to challenger. Of course it’s just a concept, people in general are not smart enough to actually try this (although there are line chats designed to get people out of a specific arena, which emphasise on not attacking the people currently promoting).


indeed it would be the easiest way…