Skill points and charges

Id gladly pay for them on my 2 account. Im stuck and could be max. Trying to be patient but it been months, very rarely coming up in shop or even purchase. Most im getting coming from guild perk. Come on, i said ill pay. Please.


Don’t waste your energy mate. You’ll give them a reason to suspend you. Remember, we’re all nothing but cash cows for them. :wink:


Seriously though, thank you to all the cows and whales for letting me continue to play this game for so long.

This is your big return @Daddy_Meme_God ?!

You were going to scorch the earth about your unfair suspension.
Orrrrrr (and I always thought this was more likely) if you “found it fair, you would say the same”

(Can’t be bothered to quote you directly, but it’s there)

Welcome back, anyways.

And yes, skill points are the main concern for low spending players.
You have to pick a few heroes, log on religiously every couple of hours that you can, ask guild nicely to buy it every day, hunt the shop and wait…

Or spend money.

Given the amount of experience and stamina thrown about in deals, this and gear enchanting relics are sorely missed

Dang, i forgot about enchanting for the next ascension. Yeah, that will suck.

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