Skill Points Not Appearing Enough In Diamond Shop

Finding it hard to find skill points in the Diamond Shop. They dont appear as often as is needed. Refreshed 3 times and still no skill points. Can something be done to make Skill Points available more often.

I just refreshed 3x on one account and they dropped on all 3
Then 3x more and got none…

There’s always an element of RNG involved

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Thankyou Specs for the reply it is Random as after the post I went back on never refreshed anything and there was skill points unlikely my post influenced anything must have just been a coincidence.

Specs is right, diamond shop is the best way to get skill points and it involves a lot of RNG.

I like to plan ahead by buy skill points (up to a reasonable amount) even when I don’t need them, because I never know when there will be a long drought where I won’t see any.

Yea i am starting to do that now. Thankyou for your reply Golden_Princess.

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