Slider for silver chests

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us a slider for buying the silver chests.
The clicking during Gold/XP competitions is unbearable.


I agree is getting annoying trying to do silver chest, with a slider would be more helpful


If a slider system is not manageable and causes to many coding problems. I suggest adding a zero onto each price tag and multiply the ammount by 10.

10 x 100,000
100 x 900,000
1000 x 9,000,000

Roll out on server 1 if necessary as majority of players wont buy 1 chest anyway.

Sliders for chests was asked for a long time ago. Over 2 years ago probably. At least 1 year ago for sure.

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Atleast remove the confirmation button. That’ll help a bit.

Back in the day, this would’ve been awesome. But… silver chests on S1 are pretty useless now. You get a few hero shards, maybe some purple gear. It used to be during the spend gold contests, buying silver chests was both smart and time consuming. But nowadays, one is much better off crafting gold/red gear for spending gold contests. There’s just nothing of real value inside a silver chest to want to drop 100 million gold on them.
PB, imo, would be much better off selling gold chests for say 10 million coin each than letting us mass buy silver chests by the thousands.

Honestly, other than hero shards, silver chests are under leveled for the game today. I’d rather they sell us quality over quantity.


Yes super annoying

If expecting players to deal with self imposed functionality limitations is going to be an ongoing part of this game, then consider that 20$ pack I just bought to be the last. Not trying to be a jerk, and I understand you guys need to eat too, but I’m just being real here. Gaming is a nice distraction… but you guys are not an “essential service”, lol, and frankly, chasing toons and making metas is repetitive enough as it is without me having to press “buy 1000x”, like literally 10,000 times for a contest. Please, enough is enough, no? Please add a slider or do something if you aren’t going to actually give more and better stuff to farm than essentially useless silver chests.

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You are just rude. This isnot funny. This is harassment.

It’s really not.

I’m all for a slider but you lost me with the weird Covid reference.
Also nobody is forcing you to buy silver chests, it’s a choice and not the best choice (as noted in other posts) if what you’re trying to do is spend gold.

With the whole chest issue …we need a confirm button for gold chests . I’m sick of accidentally hit the gold cheat button And losing diamonds for no reason