Slider on Silver chest purchases

Since the only choice for a lot of us in Gold Buying contests is to wear our fingers out buying 100 silver chests at a time, can we have a slider to purchase as many as we want? Or at least 1,000 at a time? Thanks!

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Using auto clicker can help reduce the wear on your fingers :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, great. But a slider would be awesome! Thanks!

Aren’t macros technically against the ToS :thinking:

I never told her to use it :slightly_smiling_face: just making a true statement

“Robbing the bank can make you rich” is another true statement…doesn’t mean it’s not illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

Also just searched for the word “macro” in the ToS and there were no results found :thinking:

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Afterall, its PBs fault if I use something I shouldn’t…they should be glad if I break the rules but still play this damned thing.

I’m sure that will work when you’re asking for your account to be unlocked, yes :wink:

To be faiiiir, given people using auto clickers are usually spending money in order to have enough resources to need an auto clicker, I’m sure it’ll be fine…

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Technically auto clicker isnt a rule breaker… as there is no real rule on a bot tapping the screen instead of a player doing so
Cant really cheat the system when all its doing is a task you wouldve spent hours on anyways…

Its no favour bug
Its no double sign in bug
Its not a fortress glitch
Its not a one hero loop hole dungeon speed increase

It merely allows a player to go afk on a game

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I miss glitch hunting

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