Sliding Scale for Selling Items


So when we need to sell items of which we have multiple thousand, it becomes a complete waste of time to sell the items. For example, I just sold 5000 dwarven vuvuzela (and I still have almost 11,000 left), and I had to hold my hand on the button for longer than the entire duration of a phone call just to get to that number. If I had to do that for the hundreds of items of which I would like to sell thousands, it would take me way too much time. Can we add a sliding scale so that I can slide my finger from left to right to determine the number of items I would like to sell? That would be amazing compared to holding the button forever. If you haven’t done it yourself, give it a go, and see whether or not you agree with me :slight_smile:


This has always bugged me too. They ought to change it to a sliding scale like you said, or allow us to type in the number of items we want to sell (or donate to guild shop).


The counter moves so much more quickly for donations than it does for selling stuff. I assume it’s because the recalculations are more complicated or larger or something.


Are there really not enough people who care about this? Several other people in my guild have over 12,000 items, and they probably need less than 2,000 of those, in many cases. How much time does it take with my finger on the button to sell 10,000 items? I don’t mind if an improvement doesn’t happen, but an acknowledgement that my opinion is valid would be appreciated, that’s for sure.


For some reason (perhaps recalculation?), the counter for selling items increases much more slowly than the counter for donating items. Resolving that would be a huge step.



Yeah… Would be nice to sell these… Faster… But bit at a time


Who do you want acknowledgement from? The player base? The devs? A lot of people who participate in forum have already requested this ages ago. So lack of response here is likely due to that. And the fact that it’s been ignored by devs for so long makes me think that liking a post isn’t going to make it happen any faster. There’s a wizh list of improvements here that includes this suggestion that dates back to August (number 16):

It was also acknowledged recently by devs in leader discord chat as a valid issue. Hopefully they’ll get to it soon.


Next time I’ll write a post like Jenni.
So that it clearly points out the pros and cons of your issue , and why This thread is borne a waste of time , and a poor relation to threads that have come before and are more well written …

Until then…


It’s a shame that forums don’t have a way to search threads for keywords or anything. I’m just picturing some sort of search function which can be accessed by clicking a magnifying glass at the top (let’s say right corner) of the screen.


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Impressive that people have nothing better to do with their day than flag three months old posts.

Hey, if that’s how you roll, fair play to you.


That’s how I roll :wink: