Slow Dungeon Speed

Ever since the update, my dungeon speed is super slow-even with the boots on. Anyone else having this issue?


Yep- hope we aren’t stuck with it like this until PB is back from the break…

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How does s*** like that keep changing with updates!!! … I bet they’ll say the speed is working as intended

I’ll throw my phone… I really will…

I feel you, but at the end of the day it’s their game

Not only the speed, we lost all loot too. Only red+1 gear dropping in dungeon 70+ now

So, we did some testing here, and it’s at the right speed for us. Do you have Fast Forward turned on? You need that in order to see the speedy dungeon speeds.

You’re seriously asking players like @PrincessJessa If they have their fast forward on…?

(Please tell me you do, Hun!

Have you tried turning it off and back on again…?)


Just want to cover all the basics!! If you skip them, they bite!

Hence the turning it off and back on again :wink:

A lot of people have mentioned this in VIP, to be fair…

why am I experiencing deja vu … didn’t we complain about having to turn FF on and off when they messed up the dungeon speed before

I’m amazed and almost speechless. I appreciate the fast forward tip, but I have mine on already.

I have tons of dungeon experience. (Feel free to check.) The dungeon speed was made better recently (I remember-I was soooo excited!) and now it’s not better anymore. Maybe it was adjusted down and that is the optimum speed now?

Specifically, the walking speed is slower than before the update. They fight scene speed is still as fast as it was (Thank you!).

I hope that you guys might take another look. It really is slower - maybe by halfish. @Polaris


Yep, just had to check everything before passing it along to a developer to dig into it. Thanks for verifying your settings!

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Thank you! I appreciate you guys looking into it!

J’ai toujours cette lenteur dans mon donjon

Any chance someone suffering from slowness can send in a video? The team can’t make this happen here, and we’d like to see what you’re experiencing.

Any news on this? I’m not sure what you need a video of. It seems to be how it was before it was sped up.

I’ll have to video but let me explain the issue

On a long stretch of tiles…
Heros walking maybe 6-10 spaces.
First 4 tiles they are slow walking then they speed up…
Most walkways are less then 5 tiles ergo they are at a slower speed
If all hallways walked were 5 or less you’d never notice the slowness

Try it on a long hallway one that goes right around the fungeon for 11 tiles you’ll notice the heros speed up walking halfway through it

There is the issue :sunglasses:


I upped a vid showing it for me too

Thank you! That sounds about right. I don’t have the video to show exactly what I mean.

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