Slow phase server


Well. Title says it all. We need a slow phase server where people can enjoy the game and not rush level and gear increases. Where dailies are reduced to half and drops are atleast 2x on everything.

Im not sure you are willing to do this but all the fast phase have killed my joy in this game and im quitting today. It was fun while it lasted.

But. For the developers: I spent much more early on the game to support you, when I didnt have the need to spend to catch up. Later when spending was a must to keep up, I quit spending. And i quit buying the 3 dollar montly deal.

Im not sure what path you wanna take with this game. But many loyals have quit and we are ending our guild soon.

I hope you take this feedback seriosly:)
<3 much love to you all.

The end of Goat is here. Goat is no more. Lol


See per blue, it’s not just me that wants a training server.

Levels up to 90.
No epic dungeon.
People can spend if they wish.
People have the option to leave it when they max level.