So long and thanks for all the fish


I tried to think of a clever title on my own, but … well, I’m not that clever.

The end of season 3 of guild war signals the end of my tenure in Portal Quest. I debated whether it was worth writing a goodbye post, but I figured maybe one last ditch feedback attempt was worth it for those who will continue to play. Plus, you know I always like having the spotlight on me :wink:

I am leaving for a variety of reasons. I hope that this can be viewed as constructive criticism and doesn’t end up getting this post hidden/deleted:

A. Guild War

Guild War has turned into a massive time sink. Blitz wars were, imo, the best part of the game - focus for an hour and 5 minutes and then you’re done and free to go about your day. This was followed up with more towers, more towers, and longer wars. What was initially an hour investment turned into a 27 hour investment. You couldn’t just logon and do your thing once during a war, you had to be on constantly nagging/tagging people to donate (if you were a leader) or constantly donating. Every 40 minutes on day 2!

I have always believed that a simple fix that would have alleviated a large portion of that stress (as well as handled situations like timezones, vacations, busy work days, etc) was simply allowing leaders to move points. I asked, argued, pleaded for a solution for months to no avail. Perhaps they will find a solution to making GW better in the new year.

I don’t have the desire to invest hours upon hours of my time into nagging people anymore.

B. Hero Balance

There isn’t any right now. One of my favorite things about the way PB handled DS was that they were constantly balancing heroes (even if I didn’t always agree with the fix #RIPPixie). That seems to have fallen by the wayside here, as of late. Arena and Tournament are filled with the same team. Top guilds use the same exact line against any defensive line and any defensive tower and win easily. This isn’t getting better with Epic Skills either, as some heroes like Bowman just have absolutely ludicrously strong skills - his white now fires 6 arrows and each arrow deals 33k dmg. There’s not a single hero in the game that isn’t dying to that.

On top of that is that it seems all the newer heroes that are released are really good. I suppose the rationale for releasing OP heroes is so that people will work on them (but really, the spenders are going to max new heroes regardless, so this only affects the moderate/f2p) … but I have always thought that the aspect and alignment system makes it so that heroes who have different roles/aspects would be attractive just to allow more tailored attacks.

I am ranked 231st in total power, yet am woefully behind everyone else simply because I spent my resources intelligently in the past and didn’t have Wander Woman and Bowman maxed before the Epic Dungeon patch.

Heck even the decision to make Focus friend stack is perplexing since there is no second hero for Finesse/Fury. Things like that are baffling and maddening.

C. Epic Dungeon

Dungeon itself has gone through a lot of changes since it was released (eg. faster walking speed, drop rates, yadda yadda yadda). Yet, simply looking at the participation in Dungeon contests compared to others, remains a rather unpopular mode.

Rather than trying to make more changes to actually make it fun and popular, they simply tied all methods of progression to it. I’ve detailed how much time and money will be involved in unlocking and maxing the new orange skills in previous posts so I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say I have zero interest in spending 3 hours a day to remain mildly competitive in Arena (and I say this as someone who was the 17th person to reach Challenger).

I am sure that they will increase the drop rate in subsequent patches. I also think that they will reduce the amount of stones required in subsequent patches as well. But at some point, at least for me, I don’t want to be playing the beta version anymore. I think a lot of the decisions about torch changes and “dungeon economies” were not well planned beforehand. As a player who has invested a lot of money, time, and emotion into this game, that doesn’t sit well with me.

If I am going to play a game that requires dozens of hours of grinding dungeons to progress, I might as well go play D3 or some other game where the dungeoning is actually fun and consists of more than just tapping a square or OK message every 30 seconds.

D. The community

Plenty of folks have mentioned this before, but chat in-game is dead. The community in DS was always fun and entertaining and was also a driving force in keeping so many people around for so long.

I don’t know what the difference has been here in PQ, nor do I have any solutions, but … yea.

At any rate, it’s been a fun ride. I have been honored to play the role of villain for my time here, and hopefully my guild helped yours come together and push yourselves toward greatness (or simply bond together over mutual distaste for us!).

Shout out to @Kitty_Kubrick and her Litter Boxers for being the only guild to ever beat us in war. Strong accounts and quality leadership provided the best competition we ever had.

Hat tip to Dienikes and the rest of Dystopians (aka Molon Labe) for figuring out the unstoppable lineup of doom and pushing us to the brink multiple times. You guys will be the new unstoppable machine, I am sure of it.

And, of course, a big thank you to all of my guildmates who made playing worth it. stitch together forever sticker


I would like that post just for the title.

As usual, you’re spot on. I hope Perblue will use your ‘post-PQ’ feedback to change the game.

You say you enjoyed being the villain here, but I think you’ve been much more than that. Just how everyone is always counting on your analysis of new features shows that. You were the villain for sure, but in my opinion accurate as well.

It’s too bad to see yet another well-known player go, and if the game isn’t changed soon more people, including me, will continue to follow. Have fun with whatever new activity you find.

To everyone: “Don’t Panic.”


Snoopy I’m not crying sticker


Hats off for your frequent feedback!
I think many of us have the same thought due to the fact that this game have been waaaaaaaayy to time consuming to remain competative.

This game should be a 15-30 min of game play a day. Period. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im staying for a little longer to see what changes are being inplemented. I used to be a master student writing my thesis and had plenty of free time. Now im getting back to a full time job (next week) and will never ever have 2 hours daily for a mobile game.

Thank you for the time and keeping the forum alive :slight_smile:


Have a good one Sticker warchief


That’s exactly why I liked this post.


The drop rate in Epic dungeon is stupidly low. You can burn 50-75 torches, only to get to floor 10, and still have 5-6 epic materials. Not to mention that the epic skills are mostly mild upgrades to a hero. I didn’t worry about Bowman, but I will get him to orange now and work on his epic skill after reading this.

As far as the community goes, everyone seems to want to use LineApp as a requirement for a guild. I will NOT download LineApp to play a game… when the game has a chat/DM already in it! I have left 4 guilds because they forced members to get Line… and the guild I’m in now may not be the best, but it doesn’t require Line. As a VIP 14 player… Line is just pointless unless you want your phone dinging all day when someone posts a message. And yes… you can turn the notifications off… which then makes me ask… WHY EVEN HAVE LINE???

I like PQ more than DS now. The company that bought DS has pretty much ruined it with their greed. They’ve tried pulling back on their money hungry ways… but it is too little, too late for me. PQ is fun, but I do agree with the hero balance too. You see the exact same teams in Arena, War, and tournaments. Why? Because those are the teams that work! Some heroes are just worthless… while others are simply unbeatable. I didn’t even look at Bowman’s white skill… mainly because he requires that stupid chest to get to Orange where you need 200 slingshots and 80 hammers. For the amount of materials he takes to color up… he BETTER be good!!! That chest was an epic fail on PQ’s part… as they made it WAY too material-heavy.


That’s why I want to petition to change it! If you haven’t voted in this poll, please do so here!


Game chat has a lot of flaws and is very limited compared to what messaging apps are. Sure, you can get by just by using in game chat but for a lot of reasons, an external messaging app works: pictures, videos, voice notes, tags, posts, and the whole social media aspect of it really. It really is a way to feel closer and more personal with the people you meet in game which always feels nice. If you don’t want that I fully respect it, but this is just my view on it and I think Line is great, plus in game chat will never be able to have the same features as messaging apps, which is a good thing really.


Warchief, you’ll be missed. Your candor and bluntness were always refreshing and your enemies are my enemies. Take care.


Nail on the head right there!


Well, that sucks. Sorry to see you go…

I guess eventually everyone does in the end though. Kinda like everyone dies and everyone lies.