So... What's everyone playing next?

I’m currently enjoying Fishing Food!

Mainly for the puns, I’ll admit :slight_smile:
It’s not going to be a long time thing, but sometimes you just need a little casual short term reminder that games can be, you know, just fun and silly…

If you find a good new guild based to look at, just tag me and i will look.

So sorry that all good games find a end


Did you know posts have to be blah blah blah

Eternium, Age of Magic, Total WarThird Age and Westward and Tradewinds series ( still available on Steam ).


Patriachs and Risk 2 on an old build desktop !


Yeah, time to go back to PC gaming. Check out the fantasy/medieval story based ones that have come out over last 7 years and you’ll find one. I like RPGs’ last two though they’re older. Have fun all


PC games or try Idle Heroes or Gods of Olympus again. And more of of my Sandlot Games buddy’s game :grin:


Hey RPGs; this :fu:to the CA/TW staff and the under 34 basement boys game community. Those Morgoth worshippers love to downgrade the good units while upgrading even the turdiest evil ones. Just look at freakin’ Snagas and Dunland while Eldarinwe archers are nerfed down. Tots through with those Brit clackers !


I went back to WWE supercard.
Managed to catch up from two tiers back in a fortnight, without spending.

I’d forgotten what sensible unit levelling looks like! :wink:

(When you’re being compared to CashDaddy, and your pay to win structure is worse… You have a problem @PerBlue…)

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There’s a World Wrestling game :thinking: ? To be honest I miss the strat + build + time challenge games. So probs back to Westward and Tradewinds myself


I do like a good 4X

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Now I’m even more certain to hit Total War as a replacement. Thanks Bogs :stuck_out_tongue:


Try Gang Beasts ! Hilarious simple fun :joy:


Gang Beasts funny :+1: LOTRO still woth a rego , but if you don’t have it already is costly now :open_mouth:


Army men strike was fun for a while for anyone who really loves drama. :sweat_smile:

Over there in DHBM forums the word is that PerBlue is betatesting some new game.
But they treating it like a super classified state secret.
I admit I’m curious how they designed the next coming up money making machine
A lot of moons passed since Dragon Soul was launched in 2015 and lots to be learned :wink:

Been playing Castle Clash for over 7 years. IGG is company. They provide many free bonuses, but takes a while to build up everything.

Dungeon crusher idle
8 ball pool
And william hill bingo

Marvel Future Fight and Forge of Empires are my big ones these days. Also playing Adventure Ages.

Frontier Days for Daniel Boone Kentucky rifle fun

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