Sock Puppet Empire Announcement

Hear ye, hear ye! Hoard your XP vials and chests because Blue Per have partnered with @Bog_Da_Server and I to create an event so incredible that the dead will resurrect just to see it happen (and they’ll realize they voted blue along the way); Sock Puppet Empire! Become the best of the best for a chance to become the powerful Blue Per Man!


On July 1st, the 4th ascension star will be released. And, on July 22nd, the 5th ascension star will be released.


Phase 1 will start on August 1st. In phase one, players will have 1 week to bring as many alts to 50 million total power as possible. The more alts you level, the better you will perform in the event, and the higher alt amnesyrank you will achieve. Hint: level up the same 1 line on all alts. This will help you in phase 1.

Phase one will also launch rights. Once phase one starts, all players will be at bronze alt amnesty rank, which only grants access the chests, items, campaign, trophies, and heroes menus. The higher the alt amnesty rank you have, the more rights you will earn. Hint: you will need to climb alt amnesty ranks to earn access to phase 2 and 3, and go gain more power in phase 2 and 3.


Phase 2 will start on August 8th. In phase 3, the arena will become the gladiator arena, all players below gold alt amnesty rank will lose all their rights, and all alternate accounts will merge into the most powerful account, boosting the accounts heroes based on the power of the hero on the alts. All players will be placed in one mega league. Defeat others players and climb to the top to advance through the gladiator arena, and unlock phase 3. The game will randomly increase or decrease the power of arena teams, so watch out! Hint: players with a higher alt amnesty rank will have more power in the arena.


Phase 3 will start on August 22nd. In phase 3, the 20 highest players from phase 2 will be placed in the sock puppet tournament, and all players below amethyst alt amnesty rank will lose all their rights. The sock puppets will be assigned 3 random teams to attack and defend with. The player at the top of the sock puppet tournament on August 29th will become the powerful Blue Per Man. Players not in the top 20 of the gladiator arena but amethyst alt amnesty rank or higher will be able to increase or decrease the power of sock puppet tournament teams.


On August 29th, the Blue Per Man will choose what direction the game will go in, and if sock puppet empire will stop.


Spend money on leveling alts and hope for good luck to become Blue Per Man.

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And I thought that I wasted time writing stuff on the forum…

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Now now, no need for jealousy from the under 100 crowd ( under 100 accts that is ) Peskydora. We of the Copper Tourney bracket have been overlooked for far too long. What we lack in money spent we more than make up for in endurance and rampant initiative . Yes, this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang or a whimper but with zombies kicking in your back door. Beware, be ready , but most of all be very afraid. Let the rubber dinghy rapids be loosed

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Classic krakens with their metas, pretending. What will they do when they must grind out accounts instead of spending their hundreds for one little ascension every week, and the extended features of the chat app are locked because they will never be worthy of the almighty emerald alt amnesty rank granting all rights to those worthy enough to claim it.

Soon there shall be no extended features. Chat app will embrace the fall, and all shall crumble.

Copper tourney bracket shall ride with our alts and top players shall fall. It is our time to strike back.

Change is feared

I’m still giggling at the image of zombies kicking in bog’s back door…

We are the zombies. :grin:

Wow, whales going hard on guild contest. I smell fear.

Contest, Arena and War rankings are all the cetaceans have to show for their push, push, push, spend, spend, spend. We have the joy of being based and realizing the only true rewards this middle level Chat App with game features attached has to offer.

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Well that all made sense Lemony… NOT… :joy:

Let me say it in whale.

Whale lose copper tourney bracket win.

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Yay for our side !!! :grin:

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Gather 'round kids. Pops is gonna tell you a story.

Long ago, the whales were on top of the games social hierarchy. Shiny numbers going up and features like contest and war on a chatting app convincing them to spend. This was untill the Sock Puppet Empire.

The copper tourney bracket had enough. They rebirthed themselves with new and old blood, souls of old players, and more. They “partnered” up with Blue Per to create an event that would guarantee those lurking with their alts would overthrow the whales: Sock Puppet Empire.

Now, in the present, we need your help! We humble sock puppets have decided not to use our powers to make we the Blue Per Man. We decided we shall enter the competition to prove that we sock puppets are strong. However, we need your support! Send alts, send gifts, send sacrifices, send whatever support you can. We will take back this chat app!

" We shall overcome … we shall overcome … within our budget even "

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Budget may be lower, but we got more cash. We don’t throw away hundred dollar bux for the ascension of another useless toon.

Only for Cosmetic deals :joy:

Whales must have fashion in game to make up for real life

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