Sock Puppet Inn

Lots of stress from the looming sock puppet empire. Players hoarding trial resets and XP vials. Let’s destroy some egg execution men and have some fun.


Yes, wing omelttes will litter every game feature. Elder Mohawk shall return with a roar in his belly and glaring disregard in his eyes. The Twins shall reclaim their rightful unbuffed place to put Crystal Cleric in hers. Minds will melt and metas will tumble at the coming of the Sock Puppet Empire. Just when you thought it was safe to semi-retire … bwahahahaha

Krakens spending their hundreds will have their souls crushed. The meta shall crumble. Meanwhile, we shall be singing our songs (the youth are starting to change are you starting to change are you).

When chat app with some extended features is sucked of life, you embrace the fall.

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It seems the krakens we’re mere sock puppets. They’re no longer needed. Now, it’s time for copper tourney bracket to rise!

I can smell the panic from here.

Krakens overwhelmed by sock puppet empire, cranking out all their packs for the upcoming guild contests.


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And now the whales ask for an extension to the 4x normal drops so they can attempt to catch up with their cash

Surely there’s a happy medium between 4 days of complete forum silence, and 4 new threads every hour lol

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Bogsy the whales getting mad

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@Bog_Da_Server the Brits getting crabby :joy: perhaps they thought they would spend their hundreds and hundreds on the guild contest to relieve the stress of copper tourney bracket rising, only to realize the 1st place spot would go to the Krakens

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No trouble to us Lemony. The end result will remain the same. Ahhh … very much like the final days of DS :wink:

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Karaoke, anyone?

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" Song sung Per Blue spending all my pillows, song sung Per Blue weeping like a dillo " :laughing:

Yay, playing for fun since Ascension and War ranking have made a joke of all else/become a joke. Very DS last days reminiscent

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