Solved bugs are back?

I know you need to make tickets, but I can make only 1 at a time. I know customer service is working hard but I think there is a bigger amount of tickets recently :confused: I guess I just need to complain to feel better :sweat_smile:

  • Ennemies getting possessed even if you have cleric AND the enemy doesnt have lion.
  • Turtle losing his energy after performing a successfull execute.
  • Rampaging heroes (owl And marrow) are being healed by other heroes or orbs even if they are not supposed to be able to get health back.
  • The red twin (the front line in twin trackers) is not able to use his White skill even if he has enough energy to use it.

Anyone have seen others bugs come back ?

I have seen all of these but the turtle one is by far the most annoying. Have seen 2 instances of heroes not being able to use their white skill in the bottom right corner again also. Thought that was fixed months ago.

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I am sorry.

I will fix myself soon

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Self neutering no good Turtle, very ouch!


Turtle is most annoying, to be faiiiir :wink:

It doesn’t always work, but make sure the enemy has the scythe debuff before using ws. You are capable of using ws before this icon pops up, which will prevent energy being regenerated. Also, if the enemy is blessed, you won’t get energy back. However, there are definitely instances where ws doesn’t get energy back and none of the above are in play. At that point I just curse the PQ gods.

I Blame Bob

It seems to help

I don’t have turtle in my meta :wink:

Or owl, marrow or twins, if I’m honest.

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