Some skill at this point don't make any sense

I believe that each heroes skill are what make them great and what define then. But after honor class and epic. There are some skill that really not make any sense.

I just going to mention some. But I can make a list.

Feral, wild resilience at level 160 heal 12105 HP. This crazy low if he is total is 1.4Mill. He Heal more by the combination of his epic and honor class.

Prepared or Battle prepared, from tempest and Grizz. It only give 25178 shield point. This is also crazy low. WB defender give a little more 38736.
But still this value are crazzy low.

I remember on the time of purple promotion this skill make sense. And now is really irrelevant.

New heroes skills are amazing compared to this one.

I believe that this is one thing that could be cool to take a look to make a balance on next update. Is not like this will make a game changer. But at this point this skill is really not important if you skill up or not.

Well the idea is to open the conversation. Please point me out if I am wrong.

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You’re not wrong.
Some attack skills have also scaled really badly as we have levelled up.

Cough cough hex witch

You are totally correct @Lockhart Some skills need to be adjust because they dont bring anything relevant to some heroes. Im on server 4, so these skills are lvl 155.
Armor proficiency : Ignores up to 2734 damage per attack…
Never forget : If an ally dies, gains 456 regeneration per second and 456 attacks…
Excess bandages : heals self and allies for 18230 at the end of the wave…
Those are just some examples. And unfortunately a lot of the “older” heroes have these skills. I would love to see those skills get some buffs but I dont have a lot of faith in that…

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Yea exclacly, you both are giving some other. @Pixie_Mici was taking also about the DMG. I wonder if a little boost can be given. I am talking about something that make big change but definitely something to give the the value as early on the game. I remember that having armor proficiency can save you. But we’ll like you say it looks late and difficult to make any of this happen

Yellow values are directly related to attack. As a result, these values will increase by the same percentage that attack (and health) increase by with each rarity.

Orange values (which is essentially what you’re talking about) scale with skill level (the amount by which it increases looks linear to me). Attack and health increase by large percentages with each rarity. Orange values can’t possibly keep up if health and attack increase by that much. Skills that only have orange values will become less relevant with every update (the rate at which this happens will vary depending on the skill).

Older heroes were balanced for older rarities and are the most likely to have orange values that are way out of date (in hex’s case, I assume a good orange value for the time was balanced with a low multiplier for her yellow value). Newer heroes will have orange values balanced for the current rarity, so they’ll last for a bit longer (as a result, they’re almost all completely busted at very low rarities).

Fixing this would almost certainly be a lot of work.

As an aside, there are other factors that make using Brute physically painful. He walks in front of an enemy, beats his chest (which essentially does nothing except proc warlock energy), walks into an ally or an enemy for 10 seconds because he can’t reach his target, then he beats his chest again.

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Yes totally true.

Yes there are the yellow and the orange values.

But I was thinking that they can make like a factor of multiplication for the orange values that goes with the rarity promotion and also Can be different for different type skill.

The healing skill have
Purple ++, orange ++, red ++ (x1.05)
The DMG skill have
Purple ++, orange ++, red ++ (x1.02)
Or what ever the math of the system make sense.

Maybe I am making to big steps. But if I am right there are 4 purple level, 8 orange level and we have for the more 4 red level. So this will not go for more than double of the current value by the values I am showing. (Not been specific) but some like this will be a good idea and not that hard to work around on the programing system.

Orlyeh has stated there will be 16 levels of red

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Oh that new for me thanks for the input. Jeje. 16 sound like one hold more year. If we have one each month. Lol

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